Christmas or Appreciation party it’s your call

Smith’s Billiards on 12/6 had a party for their patrons with two new kegs tapped along with three taps that they wanted to finish off and food till they ran out, all for a small donation of a toy for tots or monetary contribution to one of tree charities. The Tavern Restaurant Westfield on Christmas Eve party with free buffet at 1pm and live music for their patrons where they promptly closed at 6pm to give their staff time off for the holiday. Now in another way, a couple of our other favorite places Kaptain Jimmy’s early in December and Opa Opa steakhouse now in January offered 50% on gift cards, that’s what I would call an appreciation toward their patrons.

pics from Smith,s Billiards


pics from Tavern Restaurant Westfield


pics from Kaptain Jimmy’s


pics from Opa Opa Steakhouse


Wednesday night Brews 12/12/12

It was local on our Wednesday night out with a visit to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield. They had all their decorations up in anticipation for the Yule time season. The place was all decked out and very beautiful for what was a real old big square stone and mortar post office. Judy was off that night but Steve and Jen took good care of us and other patrons even though it was getting late and the crowd was thinning. There were more brews listed that I knew I could have even though it was a short quarter mile to home. I started off with Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout then went onto Boulevard Double wide IPA and thought it was going to stop there, but John the owner of this fine establishment was in the sprit and bought us another round! Now the wife had tried some of my Double Wide and liked it even though she’s not an IPA person, and liked it the best also but would go with a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, seeing I had not had it in awhile and could not remember if I had had it on tap. The Boulevard Double Wide was the brew that stood out on this outing.

Anderson Valley

Oatmeal Stout pours black with good foamy head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is on the light side of deep rich dark malt with maybe an oat note. Taste is like smell with a deep rich malt and smooth oat mouth. Very good 5.7 % on tap at Tavern restaurant Westfield on 12/12/12.


Double wide IPA pours cloudy dirty chocolate with good head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose is all fruity from a hops aroma with maybe a banana hint? Taste it’s smooth but full of hop flavors that linger around the mouth with a gorgeous bite and a wet oily tongue. A Badassbeer at 8.5% on tap at Tavern Restaurant Westfield 12/12/12.

Bear Republic

Hop Rod Rye pours a dark red/brown with good head that stays afloat and good lacing. Nose is more floral but there is some citrus in there along with a bready rye hint. Taste it hop biting on the gentile side with malt and rye flavors very good. 8.0% on tap at Tavern Restaurant Westfield 12/12/12.



Wednesday night out

I Told the Badassbeerwife that she could pick the place for our Wednesday night out, well she picked the Tavern Restaurant Westfield close by, but she thought it was to cold to walk. Four a Wednesday night the place must have had a special going on because there was a good crowd there. We got too see some folks we hadn’t seen in awhile, John the owner Chris the manager, Judy and Gen a new comer of the wait staff. Things where going great with all of them and they where looking forward to Thanksgiving next week. The wife didn’t see anything that got her going and settled for blue moon and for me I found nothing new but revisited a couple that jumped out at me. That would be a Dogfish head Chicory Stout and Green Flash West Coast IPA in that order one complemented the other.


Chicory Stout pours deep black with good head that dissipates fast and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with a chocolate or coffee note. Taste is semisweet of roasted malt and chicory with a wet mouth. Very good! 5.2% served in pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant. 11/14/12.

Green Flash

West Coast IPA pours hazy amber with good head and lacing. Nose is more pine with some grapefruit to it. Taste is mouth biting with what I call a plastic note, but a good over all bitter mouth that’s great. Very good 7.3% served in pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant 11/14/12.


Wednesday night out 9/18/12

We past up the Brooklyn Brown Ale on cask at Smith’s Billiards for a close walk to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield because the Badassbeerwife wanted to watch the last night of big brother till 11pm! With it being that late at night we found most of the staff seating at the bar enjoying their self’s, and Chris the night manager was breaking in bartender Jenn on closing up routines. We got to talk to her and enjoyed our conversation during of our visit. Chris had told us of his trip to Colorado to see Phish but did not have any good brews from that area “What a shame”. I did get to try a couple of brews that were new to me, starting with a Ballast Point Big Eye IPA and then on to Pretty Thing Baby Tree. Both brews were equally excellent!

Ballast Point

Big Eye IPA pours amber/orange with good head that stays afloat and thick sticky lacing. Nose of citrus/orange and pine aroma big time. Taste of malt with hay/grass flavor and a mild biter mouth bite that lasts awhile. Very friggin good, 6.8% pint glass on tap Tavern restaurant Westfield 9/19/12.

Pretty Thing

Baby Tree pours brown with red high lights with good head that stays afloat and thick sliding lacing. Nose of rich malts with a molasses/fruit over tone. Taste semisweet and wet of malt that’s on the light side with medium fruit/alcohol flavors. Similar to barley wine and very good. 9.0% pint glass on tap at Tavern restaurant Westfield 9/19/22.


Midweek Night Out 9/5

The badassbeerwife and I for the exercise and want for good brews walked to our local Tavern Restaurant Westfield. The tree quarter mile walk down Elm Street was showing signs of getting close to completion of the federal grant for reconstruction. For being a Wednesday night and just after 9 pm there was still a good crowd at the place. We found that Judy one of our favorite bartenders had the night off seeing she had worked for someone else on the Monday holiday. I could not remember the last time we had been there, but we won’t stay away that long the next time seeing their 17 tap are up and running. I found the two west coast brews I had were most excellent with similar pungent mouth bite, but the Wookey Jack stood out the most and could the best Black IPA I’ve had yet.


Wooky Jack pours black with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose of sweet malts and earthy/pine aroma. Taste is mouth puckering and tongue biting bitter of rich dark malts and hops. A Badassbeer 8.3% on tap at Tavern restaurant 9/5/12.

Green Flash

West Coast IPA pours hazy red/amber with good head and lots of lacing. Nose is more pine with some grapefruit to it. Taste is mouth biting with what I call a plastic note. 7.3% on tap at Tavern restaurant 9/5/12



After work brew 6/20/12

First day of summer and a hot one the Badassbeerwife and I stopped for one at the Tavern restaurant Westfield before their closing. The place was doing well with patrons and the owner John was there. I got to say a few words to my favorites Chris and Judy along with Mark who orders the special brews. I had asked him when he would fill the new 7 taps and he told me within the next couple of weeks. I tried to talk him into one of them for a stout but he said they don’t sell well but I asked him to take a try! They are having a release party for Westfield River Brewing IPA on Monday the 25th. We then came home to split a big bottle of a new Belgian brew I got the other day, and it’s hard to say which one stood out the most to me both where great but I would say the wife!


IPA pours yellow with good head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of grapefruit with pine earthy note to it. Taste is more on an earthy side with nice hop mouth to it, very good! On tap at Tavern Restaurant Westfield 6/21/12.

MacTarnahan’s Brewing

Spine Tingler golden Belgian style triple pours yellow with great head and sliding lacing. Nose is all Belgian with that light malt and yeast smell. Taste is big time Belgian with a great mouth feel. Very Good at 8.5% 22oz bottle 6/21/12.


After work brew 6/6/12

My stop tonight was at the Tavern Restaurant Westfield without the better half. Chris had brought to my attention that they were installing another bank of seven taps, and he said they would be rotating brews on them. That’s a total of seventeen for them and I can’t wait for that. I tried to talk him into telling John the owner of starting some kind of a beer club. Judy my favorite bartender there served me my two beverages, I picked them right the last one was more bitter than the first one but both was equally excellent.


IPA pours orange/yellow with good head and great lacing. Nose of citrus/orange but just faint. Taste is just right on the hop mouth bite with nice after bitterness and citrus notes. 7.0% 6/6/12. At Tavern restaurant Westfield.


IPA pours amber with great head that stays afloat and thick sticky lacing all the way down glass. Nose of citrus with some pine/earthy notes. Taste is big on hop mouth bite that just blast away for awhile. 6.9% tap at Tavern Restaurant 6/6/12.

IMAG1386Mayflower IPAIMAG1388

After work brew 5/23/12

The badassbeerwife and I had a changeup tonight seeing that I’ve got a four day weekend off with the holiday coming up. We headed local to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield to see Chris and Judy. It had been a while since we stopped there and it was nice to see the both of them, they seemed to be in the summer swing of things. I chose the Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA and the wife went with the Blue Moon. In seeing they wanted to close little early we’d split a Westfield River Black Squirrel Pale. We did talked about our plans for the upcoming four-day weekend and then beat feet for home for a nightcap Which was a Sam Adams Tasman Red from their mixed 12 pack of IPAs, that I had purchased recently and was the first one out of the 12. That turned out to be excellent but the Avery still stood out over the night. We’re planning on camping along with opening up my older brother’s camp that I donated my stem cells to, up in Au Sable Forks NY. I have a fishing licenses and Old Saratoga Brewing is on the way up along with Lake Placid Brewing real close by. So keep an eye out on my tweets for quick updates or I will be writing about this after the weekend’s over!

Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA pours hazy dark amber with great towering head that stays along with loads of sticky lacing. Nose is light of citrus with an oak note. Taste is all hops with a real big mouth blast and a tart or pungent after along with a fruit note. Most excellent 10.2% 5/24/12 at Tavern Restaurant Westfield.

Westfield River Brewing Black Squirrel Pale Pours clear yellow with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of malts and an earthy Hop note. Taste is dry but wet with malt flavor and a nice gentle hop mouth. Very good for a pale ale! 5/24/12 at Tavern Restaurant Westfield

Sam Adams Tasman Red pours a dark ruby red with fare head and good lacing. Nose is sweet of rich malts and a big toffee note. Taste is dry and semisweet of rich malts with a nice hop bite to the mouth, with robust after mouth. Very good and somewhat a Badassbeer in its class. 12oz bottle 6.5% 5/24/12 from their IPA twelve pack mix.


Date weekend

Sorry for being late but it was a gorgeous weekend with too many things to do outside and around the house. Let me start off that this was the first week of our reduced hours at my place of employment, so Friday the Badassbeerwife and I went for lunch at Opa Opa For their 5.99 lunch special. I had one of my favorites there but then there was one tap that beckoned for me a Doppel Bock. This one was so terrific that I was just at a loss for words and I’m still having problems, but it’s a Badassbeer for sure! Our Saturday night’s stop was what the wife called our date night at the Tavern restaurant with a couple of brews I had before but the band they had was excellent called Just Yesterday. We had a great time there and also had a nice walk home.

Opa Opa Doppelbock pours hazy brown with good head and lacing that slides down the glass. Nose of dark malt with somewhat of a floral note to it. Taste is a combination of brown ale and Barleywine with a little mouth sting from alcohol I think? On Tap at brewery 4/13/12.

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale pours dark Burgundy with good head that dissipates quickly to a thin haze but plenty of sticky lacing. Nose of malt and some floral/citrus notes in there. Taste is somewhat malty sweet but real big on hop mouth bite. 7.2% Tavern Restaurant 4/14/12.

Bear Republic Racer 5 pours golden amber with big fluffy head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is of grapefruit with some floral notes. Taste is big on hops with good mouth bite and lots of linger I mean it even starts coming out the nose! 7.0% Tavern Restaurant 4/14/12.


After work brew 4/5/12

We headed down to Tavern Restaurant Westfield just for one this night seeing I have Friday off and we’re planning on a New York trip. I also wanted to know what happened to Chris if you guys are following from a couple weeks back with stitches and such. It turned out that he cut himself they’re not on duty but cutting some cheese for cheese and crackers. So somebody’s feeding me some bull and I’m not sure if it’s John the owner or Chris I’ll get to the bottom of it one of these days. I found High and Mighty Beer of the Gods pouring there and not having it before I tried it tonight. It was a little on the light side but it was also excellent. After that we headed home for something new to try which was a Uinta Anniversary Barley Wine and this was also most excellent, along with my left over dinner plate that the badassbeerwife saved for me. I had a nice conversation with her about our upcoming trip to see my sister and her little bastard husband Uncle Gary.

High and mighty

Beer of the Gods pours hazy yellow with good head and sticky lacing. Nose of citrus and pale malts. Taste is somewhat smooth and dry with some citrus to it along with nice little bite. 4.5% pint glass Tavern Restaurant 4/4/12.

Uinta Brewing

Anniversary Barley Wine Ale pours dark ruby red with good head and good sticky lacing. Nose of dark rich malt and alcohol. Taste is stinging of hop and alcohol bite with a somewhat of a heavy mouth. This is one Badassbeer that goes down smooth but should be sipped! 10.4% from 12oz poured in tulip glass 4/5/12.