Sublimely Self-Righteous 8.7% 90 IBU.  Pours dark black color with lots of head and lacing all the way down the glass! Taste is over the top with a malt hop bit that the best I’ve had. Nose is malt and pine/earthy very pleasant. On tap at tavern 3/17/11

Ruination IPA pours hazy tangerine with big head that settles down quickly but lots of sticky lacing. Malt and big hopy nose! My kind of mouth biting that lasts all around the teeth. Very good at the westfield tavern on draft.

Stone’s double Black IPA. Pours dark ruby black with big head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is Clean and sweet of malt and hops. Taste is a mouth full of over powering hop bite with it still lingering for a good while. It’s another badassbeer and the list is getting big! 10.8%. 9/1/11.

Stone double dry hoped ruination pour hazy amber with big head. Nose of grapefruit and some earthy notes. Taste is big on mouth bite and plenty of after linger. It’s a badassbeer for sure. Smiths billiard 9/21/11.

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale pours dark Burgundy with good head that dissipates quickly to a thin haze but plenty of sticky lacing. Nose of malt and some floral/citrus notes in there. Taste is somewhat malty sweet but real big on hop mouth bite. 7.2% It’s a badassbeer and on tap at the Tavern in Westfield 10/6/11.And 4/14/12.

Double Arrogant pours dark Burgundy with big head and lots of lacing. Nose of strong heavy malt and alcohol. Taste is over the top heavy and strong like a barly wine. On tap Olde Forge 10/8/11.

Levitation pours red/brown in color with good head and good lacing. It has a hop and malt nose to it. Taste is somewhat wet malty with big hop mouth blast. 4.2% 10/20/11.

Stone IPA pours amber with great head that stays afloat and thick sticky lacing all the way down glass. Nose of citrus with some pine/earthy notes. Taste is big on hop mouth bite that just blast away for awhile. A Badassbeer! 6.9% tap at Tavern Restaurant 2/16/12. 6/6/12.

Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black IPA Pours black with great head that stays and thick sticky lacing. Nose of rich dark malt with expresso notes. Taste is big on dark malts like a stout with a hop biting mouth that stays on the roof and top of tongue. A Badassbeer 10.8% at tavern restaurant 3/11/12.

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