Southern Tier

Southern Tier

Old Man Winter Ale; Pours reddish amber color with little head and some lacing. Almost sweet and light mouths feel with some hops in there on taste. When it warms the hops take front row Sweet hoppy floral smell to the nose, is very enjoyable and very different for other winter ales. 12/27/2010

 Harvest Special Ale; 2010 pours a golden copper in color with small head and some lacing on glass. Wonderful hop taste with small after bite! Nice floral-citrus nose, one of my favorite this time of year! 11/24/10.

 Pumking; Pours golden amber color; Nose is of pumpkin and spice. Taste is bolder than most! Some what watery but has a strange bite- taste in the mouth! Pretty good but different! We bought at brewery on our trip in Aug. It was a half bottle and got for two bucks at brewery? 9.0% ALC. 9/4/10.

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