Keller Pils. Pours a light watery yellow color. Nose is clean and citrusy faint lemon? Taste is clean and on the light side, with some malt presents and hops lingering around on the tongue. Nice lacing going down side of glass. This is a fine Sumer brew! 5.0% ALC. Add on: label reads unfiltered verietal hop pilsner. Bottled by Southampton bottling – Latrobe, PA. 8/24/10.

  Altbier. Pours a light brown color. Nose of sweet malt and new mowed grass! Taste is of an almost sweet malt flavor with a taste going to your nose of dish water? I can’t explain it any other way! But I is very good but a long way from my favorite “Long trail Double Bag” if they are calling this an Altbier? I would go this one again it was tasty! 7/10/10.

  India Pale Ale. Pours a light tint of golden brown. Nose of straw – hay smell in a heavy way! Taste of strong malts with a bitter back bite. It’s ok but I have some thoughts that it could be just a little more there? Label reads it’s in between European and west coast. Well I say some things missing! But it was enjoyable at 6.1% ALC. 7/10/10.

 Double White. Pours a golden orange with no head. Nose of citrus and spice. Big mouth feel of most white’s and tangy with some after taste! Kind of light mouth feel with a twang after taste, some what extra taste than others! Some what of a double or triple! It’s another good one to try again at 6.6 % ALC. 7-9-2010.

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