Gravitation big beer series. Belgian style quadrupel ale. Pours a dark hazy brown with no head with some lacing that follows down the glass and dissipates. Taste is of heavy malt and some faint alcohol, Big on mouth feel with Belgian qualities. Nose of heavy malts also. This one is in my top five for this style that I really like! These little bastard brewers got it right!

Star Island Single. Session ale brewed with spice. Pours a light amber in color with minimal head and faint lacing. First sips are of European tastes. Big Smooth mouth of light malts and spice with big Tastes. It all seams to explode in your mouth! Nice clean malt-spice Nose. 12/11/2010.

Shoals Pale Ale. Pours amber in color with some head and nice lacing on glass. Rich malt and hop taste with just a nice bite on the tongue and mouth. Sweet citrus and floral aroma on the nose. Very good! 12/11/2010.

Old Brown Dog Ale. Pours a ruby brown in color with good head and some lacing that follows down the glass. The dark malts are wondrous on the taste buds. And almost on the verge of a porter taste but very smooth! Malty nose that has a clean smell to it. Very good and I’m not a brown ale fan much! 12/11/2010.

Smuttynose IPA. Pours cloudy golden amber in color with little head, but real nice lacing on glass. The taste is a mouth full of hops all around and biting at everything on the way down! Has a good citrus-grapefruit nose that’s an enjoyment to the nostrils. V-Very good. 12/11/2010.

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