Sam Adams

Honey B’s Lavender Ale from the long-shot category 23. Pours a very light yellow in color with little head and some lacing. Nice wet mouth full of light malt and honey in there. Nose is floral with lavender and a little honey also. Very good! 12oz bottle. 9.0% ALC. 4/14/2011.

Friar Hop Ale from the long-shot category 23. Pours amber in color with little head and some lacing. Taste is of Belgian style malt back bone flavor with big mouth hop blast. Nose is Belgian also with citrus and some spice in there. This is another top ten! And should be made more than just once. It’s another one that makes you say there’s only two in this six pack sampler! 12oz bottle. 9.0% ALC. 4/13/2011.

Blackened Hops from the long-shot category 23. Pours black in color with little head and lots of lacing. Taste at first is almost of porter! But it’s the rich malt. It’s real smooth with a nice tongue tingling hop bite. Nose is of citrus and pine a pleasure to the senses. V-very good. 12oz bottle. 7.0% ALC. 4/12/2011.

Wee Heavy pours deep dark red color with some head and lacing. Taste is sweet malty but not to sweet, and some what smoky and some chocolate. also it’s name is right, it is heavy! Nose is of sweet malt and maybe molasses? Also great when warms! Maybe better? Very very good! Top ten for sure! 4/6/2011 10%ABV. 12oz bottle.

Scotch Ale. Pours medium red in color with little head but nice lacing. Taste is semisweet with big malt back bone and lots of airy mouth feel. Nose is of rich malts. Another very good brew by them! 2/25/11.

Revolutionary Rye Ale. Pours a golden red in color with little head and some lacing. First taste is of malt then the rye comes in alone with a little hop bite on the back side. Nose is of malt with some citrus/pine smell in there. Very good. 2/25/11.

Noble Pils. Pours golden amber in color with little head and lacing. Light refreshing mouth feel with big hop bite all over. Big citrus and pine nose with a little meadow/forest/pond smell to it! This is a very good brew for any time. 2/24/11

White Ale. Pours a hazy golden lemon color with nice head and lacing that follows down glass. Taste is of wheat and citrus/spices and light airy mouth. Nose is some what the same but only while tasting at the same time. Very good light and tasty. 2/7/11

Holiday Porter. Pours black in color with little head with lacing. Very smooth taste for a porter with nice hop bite in there. Has chocolate and caramel note to it. Rich malty porter nose is very pleasant to the smell and taste! 2/2/11.

Winter Lager. Pours brown in color with head and lacing on glass. Taste is of rich malt with spice and a light bite on the tongue. Nose of malt and orange with a spice note. I have had on tap a bottle many times! But finally writing it down. 2/2/11.

Old Fezziwig Ale. Pours dark burgundy color with little head and some lacing. Sweetish with a bite on the mouth. Big chocolate and caramel malt with some spice on taste. Caramel spice and orange on the nose. Very good and smooth! 5.9% ALC. 2/2/2011.

Chocolate Bock. Pours deep dark ruby color. Sweet chocolate and malty taste. Nose of malts and a hint of chocolate. I would say it’s a desert brew at one per seating! Very good. 5.8% ALC. 1/31/2011.

Mile high barley wine ale 9.8 %. Nice rich malty taste close to a barley wine but on a lighter side! Deep ruby red no head! Some hop back bone to it. It’s another 8-9! Also malty heavy taste stays for a while in the mouth after! Not big on the nose just small barley notes.

Old Ben ale. Nice heavy nose and mouth and some what sweet! Full body I like give it an 8-9! ALC 9%.

Lemon pepper saison. Pours a golden yellow with very small head that stays with it creating lace down the glass. Big on the nose with lemon citrus and some spice. Good mouth smooth spice and lots of bubbles with a tart after taste. It’s a good Sumer brew! Still good when warm!

Latitude 48. Pours out of bottle with about two fingers off creamy head. Nose of citrus and slight earthy note also. First sip is sweet malty with a little bit on the back side. After taste has big hop bit on top of tongue and roof of mouth. To sum up it is not like typical IPA going in but over standard after put your glass down just wait on it!

Octoberfest. Pours a golden amber color with short head and lacing. Nice malty nose and taste. Big mouth feel! One of the better one this time of year. Quit enjoyable! 9/18/10

Dunkelweizen. Pours a cloudy burnt orange in color. Not big on the nose may be a faint model air plane glue smell? Taste of citrus on the mouth in a medium way. Very good for warm weather drinking. 9/10/10

Black Lager. Pours a black none see thru color with minimal head and lacing. Dark malt nose with some chocolate notes! Standard porter type taste with some short sweetness in there. Not going to be one of my favorites for my taste! But worth a try! 9/4/10.

Irish Red. Pours a medium red in color with nice fluffy head and lacing. Nose of clean sweet malts. Taste is airy semisweet malt on tongue and hops around edges of mouth. Very good! 9/4/10.

Harvest Pumpkin Ale. Pours a dark red-brown in color with fluffy head at the pour then goes to thin after awhile and lacing. Big nose of pumpkin and spices. Tastes are also big of pumpkin and spice with a wet and almost sweet mouth feel. Much more on the nose than the mouth! Pretty good! 9/3/10.

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