Opa Opa

Strong winter. Pours straw/amber color. Strong is not the word for it’s taste, I’m not sure what it is but it could be very malty and hoppy? Or spice, vanilla, ginger, banana, sweet all rolled up in there with nice bite. Nose is of spice and fruity maybe perfume? I was skeptical at first having a pint. But got a growler and very glad I did and will have to get more before it’s gone. Now one of my top ten. 7.5 ABV. On tap and growler 1/22/2011.

 Buckwheat IPA. Pours light amber color with nice head and lots of lacing. Nice hoppy bitter bite when cold. Then gets smoother when it warms. Taste of wheat malt that’s present at first, then hops kick in, with event an after bite. Nose of malt and some citrus in there. Very enjoyable! Better than most average IPA’s. From growler at $5.99 you can’t go wrong. 1/7/2011.

 King Oak Milk Stout; Pours a dark black in color, with nice chocolate head that dissipates fairly quickly. Nice not overbearing dark malt taste with maybe a hint of chocolate in there. Light malt and hop nose that’s a pleasure to imbibe! Growler 12/30/2010.

Honesty 47 Pale Ale, 4oz sample

Double IPA,4oz sample

Southampton porter,4oz sample

Brown Ale,4oz sample

 ESB,4oz sample

Belgian White,4oz sample

Strawberry lager.4oz sample

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