Mendocino Brewing

Eye of the Hawk pours a copper/red color with fair head that goes to just a ring around glass and some lacing. Nose of sweet caramel and malt with some hop smell in there. Taste is almost sweet but just right with a blend of malt and hop mouth feel with a bitter back side. one hell of a strong style beer. Tap and growler 7/31/11

Talon pours a dark reddish copper color with little head and some disappearing lacing. Taste is a bite on the mouth of barley malt and crisp alcohol which I like, and it lingers for awhile. Nose of sweet malt and caramel with maybe raisins. Very good! I enjoy barley wines! 22oz bottle 10.5%ABV. 6/5/2011

Red Tail Ale Pours red/amber in color with little ring of a head and not much lacing. Smooth semisweet malt taste on mouth with a small back bite to it. Nose is of malt with earth notes very clean and pleasant! Good session brew. Had in growler from old Saratoga. 2/19/11

Black Eye Ale pours a ruby black in color with very little head and some lacing on glass. Tastes of stoutly malts with the clean ale finish without the stout bite! It’s a blend of their Black Hawk Stout & Eye of the Hawk. It’s the best black and tan I have had! 11/11/10.

Imperial IPA Pours darkish amber in color with short head and lacing that follows down glass. Nice mouth bite that lingers for a short while, and smooth on back bite. Somewhat of a citrusy nose! Very very good. Had in growler from old Saratoga.10/23/10.

Black Hawk Stout Pours black in color with fluffy chocolate head. Deep malt taste with nice porter-stout bite. Nose of rich maltiness. Better than most regular stouts. Had in growler from old Saratoga. 10/12/10

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