Magic Hat

Blind Faith. IPA on tour, June 2010. It has that m/hat big taste, very good bigger IPA taste more than others. Pours a medium golden brown color with little head that follows down the glass with nice lacing. Pine and earthy note on the nose. Nice bite on top and back of tongue, with big hop after taste. Very good! Still good when warm.

 HI.P.A. IPA on tour pours a hazy yellow with little head mild lacing. Nice citrus nose with some earth-pine tones. Tastes are big and hoppy with a bite during and after! I give it top marks on this one! Alc. 6.7% 8/27/10

 Hex ourtoberfest. Alc5.4%. Pours a deep amber color with light foamy head, some lacing follows down glass. Nose is of sweet pumpkin and spice. Taste is smooth yet sweetish malty with pumpkin and spice notes. Very drinkable which I like very much! 8/26/10

 #9. Not quite pale ale. ALC 5.1%. Pours a pissy yellow color with foamy head and lacing. Citrus and some kind of spice in taste? Sweet clean nose. Very drinkable 8/27/10

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