Pale Ale. Pours cloudy honey in color with fluffy head and real nice lacing all over. Taste is just right with an earthy citrus note and pleasant mouth twang. Nose is more earthy/farm in smell but very enjoyable. All in all one of the best pale ales I have had!

Irish Style porter. Pours real deep dark reddish black color. Taste is semisweet and does have an Irish flare to it. Nose is of deep malt and some sweetness to it. Very good and smooth its top ten in my mind. 

English Style Porter. Pours deep burgundy in color with nice head and lacing that follow down glass. Nice smooth rich malty taste with a little bite. Nose of rich malt also. Very drinkable and it’s very good. 2/5/11. 

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout. Pours black with nice fluffy head and lacing that follows down glass. Very nice sweetish malty oat smooth taste. Also the same for the nose nice clean. Very good! 1/8/2011

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