Goose Island

Goose Island.

Honker’s Ale. Pours cloudy amber color. Short head with some lace. Taste is a little bitter and hay-strawish, “Must be a grainy thing”.  Clean nose of taffy? A good English / American style Ale. 1/6/2011

Mild Winter. Pours a reddish brown in color with some head and lacing. Nice heavy malt flavor, with some hints of caramel and rye notes. Airy mouth feel and some hop or rye bite in there. Sweet some what chocolate raisin nose with maybe a hop note in there. 12/16/2010. 5.6%ALC.

Harvest Ale. Pours a golden copper in color with small head. Nice deep malt and earthy taste and fizzy mouth feel. A sweet small of? Very good! 10/8/10.

 Matilda had at Old Forge 9/5/10 very good!

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