Flying Dog

Flying Dog

Road Dog Porter. Pours very dark red burgundy but see thruable. Very smooth on the mouth. More like a brown ale than a porter! But there is a small hint of porter there. Clean semisweet malt nose. This would be great even in the summer! 6.0% ALC. IBU 31. 1/3/2011.

Old Scratch Amber Lager. Pours amber color with short head and lacing. Malty mouth with some hops in there? Sweet malty nose. It’s a very good lager! 5.5% ALC. IBU 19.5. 1/3/2011.

Raging Bitch Belgian IPA; Pours light amber in color, with little head, and some lacing that follows down the glass. Quite a strong Belgian-hoppy mouth, with big after mouth feel! Very strong Belgian-citrus nose, almost on the sweet side? This is a top ten or less in my book! 8.3% ALC. IBU 60. 1/1/2011.

Gonzo Imperial Porter. Pours black in color with small chocolate head. Lacing that follows down the glass. Smooth rich malty mouth and hoppy Bite on back of tongue. Pleasant malty hop nose. It’s a top ten for sure! Very good! 7.8 ALC. IBU 85. 12oz. 1/2/2011.

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