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News from Smuttynose
& the Portsmouth Brewery

Dear Badassbeer,

Thank you.

For the last month or so at Smuttynose, we’ve been getting deluged with orders. So far this year, our sales are up almost 30%, which is double what we projected. Our production team has been working incredibly hard to keep up with orders and I’d like to take this space to thank our brewers, bottlers, keggers, and maintenance staff for all their hard work as we look ahead to what should be a very busy summer. Our sales team has also done a fantastic job encouraging this growth and managing the increasingly more complex allocation and distribution of our beer. In short, everyone is doing a great job.

I’d also like to thank you all for drinking Smuttynose beer and sharing it with your friends. I believe this growth has all been possible because craft beer has been increasingly embraced simply as “beer” and not as a speciality beverage.



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Smuttynose Tours are Fridays at 3pm and Saturdays at 11am. Our tour lasts about an hour and a complimentary tasting is included.

Portsmouth Brewery Tours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 3pm. Visitors will receive a coupon for a half-priced sampler paddle.

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Portsmouth Brewery News


Notes from the Mash Tun


Our 20th Anniversary is coming up this summer and Tod, Tyler and Tyson have already sprung into action. On March 30 and 31st, twenty-one brewers, from as near as RedHook-Portsmouth and as far as Greenwich, UK and Brussels, Belgium were joined by Portsmouth Brewery alumni, to help brew our 20th Anniversary beer. We’ll share specifics in the next newsletter but Tod did say that the beer will be a hoppy take on a typically-malty English strong ale with a starting gravity of 20 degrees Plato.

Waiting patiently in serving tanks are companion beers Belgian Dubbel and Belgian Tripel. In about six or seven weeks, a special brew of Josef Groll’s original pilsner recipe. Our good friend and beer raconteur Horst Dornbusch provided the recipe, which Tod first brewed with Horst during a trip to Europe last year.


Oskar Blues Brewery of Lyons and Longmont, Colorado is our guest brewery for April. The self-proclaimed launchers of “The Canned Beer Apocalypse,” this brewery has been one of the fastest growing craft breweries in the US. We’ve been pouring their flagship Dale’s Pale Ale as well as G’Knight, an Imperial Red Ale. Check our Brewers’ Notes blog for the latest info!

We hope to see you at the bar soon!


Spring is Technically Here!

Despite our recent cold, rainy weather, we’re planning ahead for warmer times and we want to share these plans with you.

-Our patio will be open for the season on May 2, weather permitting. We’ll send out an e-blast with more information closer to the time.

-Our new bar snack menu should be available for your small-plate pleasure by May Day. If you’ve got favorites on the current menu, they are still available!


Let’s Go Down to the Brewery, and Have Ourselves a Pint!




The Jimmy LaPanaza lounge will double as a screening room for Whaleback: An Environmental Film and Art Festival 5:30-8:30pm on Sunday May 15. The festival seeks to raise environmental discussion and awareness through creative endeavors. While the film schedule has yet to be released, we are happy to be Portsmouth’s only leopard print-carpeted movie theatre, if only for a day. Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for more information as it becomes available.


Kate Day Wrap-up

This year’s Kate the Great Day was a great success. Here are few notes from the day:

-The line was orderly and began forming around 5:30am in the morning, though uncle and nephew John Donnelly and John Anastas took up their spot in the front around midnight on the sixth.

-We sold 2,034 glasses of Kate, 380 bottles, and one half pint which was rumored to have been used to make a Kate the Great ice cream float. The second best selling draft of the day was Bottle Rocket IPA, of which we sold, 109 pints and 39 imperial pints.

-This was the first time we’ve had a webcam in the bar.

-March 7, 2011 was officially Kate the Great Day in the State of New Hampshire, as proclaimed by New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

-We had several members of the media joining us in our first-ever press pit. Here are some links to their pieces:

Rachel Forrest from the Seacoast Media group published this article for The Portsmouth Herald, our local daily newspaper.

Jason Margolis who functioned as a one-man production team for PRI/BBC Radio’s The World. You can find his piece here.

Chris and Matt from also passed through our secret media entrance to shoot some video and interview Head Brewer Tod Mott for their website. They worked very efficiently and then disappeared in search of other beer news.

Last but not least, Brian Aldrich from Seacoast Beverage Lab, our local beer blog, served as our technology overlord and blogger on the day. The Beverage Lab hosted our webcam stream and Brian posted updates on the line as well as the scene inside from the early morning until Kate kicked around 6pm.


Small Plates

-Don’t forget about your Hoppy Card! You’ll get a $25 gift card for every 500 points you earn.

-This year’s Restaurant Week was three times as successful as past years. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed our special three-course menu.

-It’s not too late to save 25% on sweatshirts in our End of Winter Sale. All you have to do is stop in our retail shop to take advantage of the savings.

-Need a place to beat the heat? The Lapanza Lounge opens at 11:30 for weekend lunch.

-Portsmouth was recently named one of Men’s Journal magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in the March 2011 issue. and used a photo of our bar in the piece.

-Our composting partnership with Ecomovement Waste Hauling was featured in the April 21 edition of the San Francisco Examiner article about changes in food waste disposal.


Socializin’ with Tod and Todd

We’ve begun planning our next beer social and this time we’ll be squaring off against our sometimes-nemesis/sometimes-friend Wine. No date has been set but details should be out soon for a May event.

Subterranean Cheap Food Blues

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge…


Cheap Chicken Wings – a half dozen for $3; a full dozen for $5.


Cheap Chicken Wings – a half dozen for $3; a full dozen for $5.


One Dollar Taco Night – Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or vegetarian for a buck a piece.


One Dollar Meatball Sliders


Parking Violation Night and $2 Dogs- if you bring in your parking ticket and a payment, we’ll mail it for you and give you a pint. We offer tofu pups and large hot dogs, with buttered and toasted buns and a range of toppings including chili, sauerkraut, relishes and mustards.


Smuttynose News


Star Island Single is Safe




Superior Court Judge Stephen McHugh dismissed a lawsuit brought by the Star Island Corporation against Smuttynose, that claimed unfair use of the name “Star Island, ” as founf in our Star Island Single.


Judge McHugh ruled that the Corporation doesn’t have a protectable trademark as the Island has been in called “Star” for over 150 years and further stated that consumers wouldn’t confuse the Smuttynose beer for any products the corporation may offer.


President Peter Egelston, reflected on the ruling; “A plaintiff must prove that a legitimate trademark exists in the first place. Then it must show that it has consistently defended that mark and it must clearly demonstrate that another party’s use of that mark constitutes infringement. Our position has always been that the case brought against us by the Star Island Corporation failed on all counts, and clearly the judge agreed.”


Now that this lawsuit is resolved, we can shift that portion of our focus onto keeping up with production for the summer.


Imperial Stout is Out and About!


After several delays in production, we’ve bottled just over 1100 cases of 2011’s Imperial Stout, the second release in our Big Beer Series, and shipped them to our wholesalers during the week of April 15.

This year’s edition tips the scales at an even 10% abv and is brewed with 2-Row, Munich, CaraHell, C-120, Carastan, Chocolate malt, and Roasted Barley. Warrior, Cascade and Sterling hops counterbalance the massive roasted character. The overall “bigness” of this beer means it’s excellent for aging.

If you don’t like seeking out our Big Beer releases, why not join our Big Beer Subscription Series? It’ll guarantee you get an allotment of each Big Beer release as well as a subscribers-only release party at the brewery. Don’t delay, Maibock will be released in early May!



Q: What is a Homunculus?

A: It’s Latin for “little man.”


Where is the “good” in “goodbye?”

We’re very sad to say goodbye to Dan Henry, our Field Sales Manager in Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut since June of 2007 Dan’s done a fantastic job for us, increasing sales, building some unique relationships as well as wowing us with his athletic prowess, which you can see below in this ice-standing contest.

Thank Dan, for your cheerfulness and hardwork!


Ice Standing Contest


Seacoast Craft Beer Week Thanks

Bill Harris organized ten Smuttynose events during the course of Portsmouth Craft Beer Week (March 2-7). We were flattered at the attendance at the events, particularly the Pub Crawl which had to be split into two groups.


We want to extend “thank you’s” to our wonderful partners:


The 2 Beer Guys

The Coat of Arms
The Press Room
Poco’s Bow Street Cantina
The Barley Pub
The River House
The Chef’s Table
The Portsmouth Gaslight Company
The Blue Mermaid
Ri Ra Portsmouth
The Portsmouth Brewery
Fat Belly’s


Why Craft Beer?



Craft Beer Profitability


Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Company recently produced this video to highlight how craft beer can help a restaurant’s overall profitability. Everyone at Smuttynose who watched the video was pretty excited that someone finally spelled this out in such an entertaining format. We were so excited we thought we’d share it with you all.


Upcoming Events

We’ve got some great spring events listed on our

events calendar.Click on the blue words and find a Smuttynose event near you!

Issue: 70



In This Issue

Notes From the Mash Tun

Spring is Here!

Whaleback Film Festival

Kate Day Wrap-up

Small Plates

Socializin’ With Tod and Todd

Subterranean Cheap Food Blues

Star Island Single is Safe!

Big Beer Updates

A Fond Adieu

Even More Thanks

Why Craft Beer in Your Bar?






Recommended Links:

Zythophile Much like Ron Pattison’s Shut Up About Barclay Perkins, Zythophile is another history-heavy beer blog. I discovered it through a post entitled “Why There’s No Such Thing as English Brown Ale.” If you’re looking or a though provoking beer blog that goes beyond the typical beer review, please visit Zythophile.


Portsmouth Hits the DecksFriday, April 29 marks the official opening of Portsmouth’s new deck walk as well as the beginning of the summer season in downtown. The waterfront deck bars should be open for some al fresco drinking and restaurants will offer food specials, including the Portsmouth Brewery and many other Smuttynose accounts.

Our Blogs
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What’s Your Favorite

Portsmouth Brewery Story?





As we began planning our 20th Anniversary this year, our first thought was the important role our patrons have had over the last two decades.


Over the years, we’ve seen marriage proposals and bereavement meals; we’ve watched children become Pint Club Members, and we’ve seen our fair share idiocy, drama, nudity, and even a few run-ins with the law. We’ve got our stories, and we know you’ve got some of your own.


Here’s Brennen with more:


As your stories arrive, we’ll post them on a special 20th Anniversary Stories blog.


We hope you’ll help us bring the last 20 years to life!

Special E-Blast




Portsmouth Brewery
56 Market Street · Portsmouth NH 03801 · (603) 431-1115




Smuttynose Brewing Company & the Portsmouth Brewery | 225 Heritage Avenue | Portsmouth | NH | 03801


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