Meeting 4

The minutes of the beer club tasting.             12-5-08

This is the 4th session.

Sampled was;

Sam Adams Chocolate Bock,5.6 ABV 25 IBU. Tettnang-Tettnanger and Spalt hops were combined with a complex selection of malts including two-row Pale, Munich and Caramel to create a rich and satisfying brew. This dark beer has a big, malty character that is combined with the subtle sweetness of chocolate.

Dennis; most of same as Allen but had smell of brownies, Good session Beer but not at $15.00 per…

Allen; smooth taste and finish, notes of chocolate & coffee 5.5% could be stronger & heavier on flavor.

Harpoon Session 25 – Rauchfetzen 6.3 ABV 33 IBU, a German-style Smoked Ale. This beer allows the character of the smoked malt to play off the herbal bitterness of Hallertau hops and the fresh, bread-like quality of Munich and Pilsner malts.

Dennis; smell & taste of smoked flavor, not over bearing. I liked it!


Rock Art Double IPA, 8.0 ABV 90 IBU.Celebrate Hops! This beauty is packed full of hop flavor and all things hops. Chill to cellar temp 52-54 F. Pour into a Rock Art pint glass with a generous head, grasp with authority and indulge yourself with hops.

Dennis; what can I say it’s one of my favorites.


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