Sloop Brewing

  A few months ago, I visited Sloop Brewing at the barn. This would be there original Brewery site and it is in the countryside, a ride off the somewhat main roads and down a long dirt driveway. This original Brewing area is on a farm with quite a lot of room for growing hops and outdoor activities for family. The tap tasting room is quaint with not many amenities, and from what I’m finding out as I’m trying to write this post they may be shutting it down, which would be a shame cuz it’s a great spot of the beaten path, and we will have to go to the new Brewing area. so, if you’re thinking of a visit check it out soon or go check the newer place and now main Brewery. The brews I enjoyed there were Green Islands, Techno Viking, Juicier Bomb, Super Soft, Simcoe Bomb.

360 view outside Here.


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