Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company

Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company would be our next stop, it was in the well-traveled old section of downtown Melbourne but on a side section, and I think it was an old hardware store, before becoming a brewery. they would be a microbrewery with a pub type atmosphere serving food and appetizers, wings and sandwiches and I’m not sure I think they make pizzas. the place was of fair size in the front tap room area, and they had a casual place in the rear as you can see from the pictures where you could eat and drink and play some games along with quite a few screens for watching sports, I do believe. they had 9 to 12 taps of their beer at the time of our visit. the hospitality was great, and these are the Brews we tasted on our visit. Huggins Hefeweizen, causeway IPA, strawberry milkshake IPA, German chocolate cake Porter, dingleberry, Georgia found peach Hefeweizen, cranny’s last supper, Andy’s Poppin pills.

360 pictures inside here! Outside here!

010203040506071208Back room area09

Back room area1011

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