Noble Stein Brewing

  After leaving Levity we went about 5 blocks or so away to the Noble Stein. We thought it might be closed, but I got out of the car and went to check the door, it was unlocked but then the sign did say closed for a private event, so I turned around and then a guy come to the door and invited us all in saying that they were having a Union of sorts, and it was almost over, so we thanked them and went on in. As we went through the front doors you were in like a hall plus a seating area until you made it into the main tap room and then there was good size tables that would accommodate people. There was a bar that you could sit at and the brewing equipment was behind the bar and I think most of the staff which was about three or four of them were also Brewers and or owners. They had about 10 standard tap and 3-4 taps with collaboration brews. We had a great time with the crowd of reunion folks and this one guy wanted to make sure he was in a picture with me, you will see below.

360 Panoramas Inside Here or Outside Here!



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