Boxcar Brew Works

We spent Thanksgiving in Punxsutawney PA with in-laws, by way of my daughter dropping us off on her way to Ohio to see friends. On Black Friday I was checking my phone for local breweries and found the Boxcar Brew Works only about a 20-minute ride away. Nobody wanted to go but I got the use of a vehicle and headed off on my own. The Brewery located in DuBois Pa and the complex belonging to a Doctor Doolittle who started this whole thing with a bunch of boxcars and windowed train cars, along with statues of gorillas and prehistoric mammals and park in the middle. They had 3 boxcars maybe 4 one boxcar they brewed the beer in and one had tap room another a dining room. I had so much fun tasting their beers and talking to a couple of the staff and fellow tasters that I didn’t ask that many questions. I took a selfie and my bartender Sherri was waving in the back ground. This Doctor Doolittle compound has quite the thing here with a boxcar for about $200 that will sleep 7 people and other stuff check it out here!

360 Panoramas Inside Here or Outside Here!


Sherri and me!


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