Susquehanna Brewing

We had stopped at krugel’s Georgetown Deli to eat and have a brew, before we went to our room, and a couple people told us about a brewery not very far from there! but turned out it wasn’t open that time of the week. so, I checked online and found Susquehanna Brewing would be open at 12 noon the next day and we didn’t have to be out of our room until 12 noon. The brewery was in its own building and to get to The Tasting Room you had to walk through the front door and pass some sales and business offices, then you’d find The Tap Room. Not all that big but very comfortable and had glass windows so you can see out into the Brewing area. We choose a flight of 4 brews and shared, then the wife and I had a full pour of what we each liked. All the brews we tasted were fantastic and with the gentleman managing the taproom was great. We left with a mixed 12 pack for home, which we had about 4 hours and will be back again!

360 Views inside Here! Outside Here!


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