TailGate Brewery

Next on the Nashville Brewery hit list would be TailGate Brewery “Headquarters”. to give you a heads up it is only a little over a mile from where we’re staying. So, we ended up stopping at this place at least three times before we left for home. This Brewery was quite spacious, with a Big Tap Room with an adjoining room attached to it with a set of doors to maybe make private. Going out the backdoors where you could sit out in the sun at some picnic tables and or in the shade in a screened house, that would probably fit 60 people and More in. They kept their tap list of beers right above these double doors that go out the back, and a unique thing about the place was you picked up a board that had four holes in it and a piece of chalk from the bar and wrote on it the four samples you wanted. To order beer you did it at the Tap bar and for food there was a separate place to order the food and either way they would bring it to you, or you could carry it away to a seat. This place had great local atmosphere and keep bring us back for more.

360 Views outside HERE! Inside HERE!


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