Genesee Brewing

We were invited to Nashville for my wife’s cousin’s kids wedding. so, I figured out the trip and the quickest way was across RT 90 in to New York State, visiting many breweries in this state in the past, I had never been to Genesee Brewing. I checked, and they had a separate Brewhouse that made Limited testing Brews that maybe added to their production, they also had a restaurant and a bar on the second and third levels all located in Rochester just a 4 1/2 to 5-hour ride from home. I did a tasting of a few that I had never had, 4-sampler for $4. being short on time and still quite a distance to go I had only spent about an hour and a half there but had a great time. And now with a lot of mileage and breweries to go I’m off!

A 360 view can be found HERE.


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