Saint Arnold Newsletter

Dear Saint Arnold Army,


As we rang in 2018 with a beer, we realized
it was a big year for us. We want to thank you for enjoying our beer and
supporting what we do.

None of the below could have been
accomplished without you.

What We Did in 2017

We brewed a lot of
beer. 67,545 barrels to be exact.
How much is that? Think about it this way: If it were all bottles laid down end
to end, that line of bottles would stretch all the way from Houston
to Juneau, Alaska

enjoyed a lot of Art Car IPA. If
you poured the volume into the trunks of our actual Art Cars, you would need
39,969 Art Cars. That would be a
hell of an Art Car Parade.

released several new beers. Pub
Crawl Pale Ale, Raspberry AF, Divine Reserve No. 17, four new Icons, and three
new Bishop’s Barrel beers were all introduced.

At this year’s
Great American Beer Festival, we
were proud to take home three medals and – for
the first time ever – Mid-Size Brewing Company of the

were honored to participate in Beer
with Sierra Nevada Brewing

We celebrated 23
years of brewing
. Five of our favorite Houston breweries released
tribute beers by putting their twist on our originals.

When Hurricane
hit our home, we organized donations at the brewery,
and – with our #ReliefBeers program – recruited over
100 breweries from Texas and across
the country to help raise $35,235 for the
Houston Food Bank

won the World Series! Okay, that
was the Astros, but come on. We all won.

We continued our focus on the local
by regularly supporting
over 80 charitable organizations.

We hosted 13 Pub Crawls in Houston and our other

anticipation of our new restaurant and beer garden, we introduced the Saint Arnold Society. Members get
free beer for life.

We remained independent.

What We’re Looking Forward to in

We’ll do a lot this
year, but three things in particular have us very excited.

We’ll brew a lot
of beer
. Many of them you already know. Some
will be brand new.
None will be a collaboration with Brash
Brewing Company.

We’ll open our new restaurant and beer garden across the

We will remain independent.

Thank you again for another year of
your incredible support.



The Brew Crew
Aaron, Adam, Alex (2), Allison, Andrew (5),
Anne, Ashlyn, Ben (2), Betsey, Brennan, Brenton, Brock, Bryan, Carlos, CC,
Chelsea (2), Chris (2), Chrissy, Christina (2), Colin,
Connor (2), Crispy, Daniel, Dave, Derrick, Don, Donny, Doug, Drew, Eddie,
Edgar, Emily, E’ Mandi, Eric, Eugene, Frank, Hailie, Halston, Ivan,
Jake (2), Jared (2), Jeremy (2), Jessie, Jesus, Joe (2),
Joel, Jon, Josh (2), Juli, Justin, Kelsey, Lennie, Lisa, Mallory, Mark,
Matt (2), Matthew, Meg, Michael (2), Micah, Nathan, Omar, Phil,
Priscilla, Ricardo, Richard, Robby, Ryan (2), Salvador, Sarah, Sebastian,
Shannon, Tanner, Tim, Tom, Will & Zach

Beer Hall

Monday – Thursday: 11:00 AM – 4:30
Friday: 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 4:00

Visit Us |
Food & Beer

Saint Arnold
Brewing Company

2000 Lyons Ave. | Houston, TX 77020 | (713)

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