The 10 Best Breweries of 2017

According to Paste Media Group. The 10 Best Breweries of 2017

Brew Gentlemen – Braddock, PA Triple Crossing – Richmond, VA

Two Roads – Stratford, CT WeldWerks Brewing – Greeley, CO

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery – Athens, OH Perennial Artisan Ales – St. Louis, MO

Societe – San Diego, CA J. Wakefield Brewing – Miami, FL

Austin Beer Garden Brewing – Austin, TX Tired Hands Brewing Company – Ardmore, PA

Now being from New England Two Roads is available in my area, and I have tried about 12 different ones of theirs. As for the rest no, but it was nice to see two of them in PA where I have in-laws and may get to try, and now I do believe that there was a top 50 Breweries this year and I don’t think any of these were in it! I guess it’s up to who ever is doing the tasting!

To read the article -> click here.

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