Connecticut Valley Brewing

Still antsy I visited Connecticut Valley Brewing on Sunday for my first time and it opened this year also. It was easily found at 765 Sullivan Ave, “off Rt. 194 just east of Rt. 5” South Windsor, CT. It is situated in a large building, that contains the brewing process in the back part, along with a big bar tavern type area that could hold at least 60 people, along with an outdoor sitting area, and a section I think that could be rented out? At the bar and maybe by waitress the pours are 5oz, 12oz, & some at 16oz, plus they will give small samples. They don’t fill growlers just 16oz cans to go and they will let you mix a four pack. The brews I tasted, and pictures are below.

A Fantastic Voyage pours golden with good head and sticking lacing. Nose of citrus & pine aromas. Taste is big on citrus flavor with a gentle bitterness. very good at 6.5% at brewery on 12/3/17.

Into the Woods IPA pours golden with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of citrus & melon/fruit? Taste of melon with an upfront bitterness that lingers. very tasty 6.5% at brewery on 12/3/17.

Farmhand Kölsch small sample.

Alt, Alt, and Away Altbier small sample.


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