Hitchcock Brewing

I got antsy seeing winter is coming on and camping has been over for almost some 2 months or more. On Saturday I visited Hitchcock Brewing in Whately MA. For the first time that it’s been opened this year. To find that finding it would be an adventure with just a sign like people running for some town election would put on some one’s lawn, and then some 1000 feet off Christian Lane just past a lama farm and a couple of homes. Now that I’m writing this I should have taken pics of the farm, but sorry about that just imagine that I did. The tasting was free, and you could try all 9 brews from a 2-oz. plastic cup, and then purchase cans or a growler fill to go. The brews I tasted, and pictures are below.

Crossover Golden Ale Very good ale.

Single Bottom IPA Big on citrus aromas and flavors. Nice bitterness to it.

Double Bottom IPA nose of faint citrus. taste is big and over whelming of bitter aromatic flavors. very frigging good

Angry Sparrow Very deep malt aromas and flavors. Very good.

HBC Alpha-1 Big on grapefruit aromas. Taste is grapefruit sweet creamy mouth. A great double IPA.

HBC Alpha 2 Big smooth of fruit and citrus, with gentle bitterness. Very friggin good.

Hurricane Porter Chocolate and roasty coffee aroma and flavor. Very good.

Raspberry Hurricane Porter Big on raspberry aromas and flavors. With porter back ground. Very tasty.


360 inside brewery  https://www.teliportme.com/view/1367754

360 outside brewery   https://www.teliportme.com/view/1367752

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