Shire Breu-Hous

We visited a new Brewery Shire Breu-Hous in Dalton Mass just before the end of our camping season. It’s in an old brick industrial building in the center of town next to the old fire station. I did a sampler board of 4 that I picked from their tap list and one was a guest brew. Their kitchen serves a normal menu of food, plus there’s a few guest brews on tap to pick from. Their times are somewhat different than most with opening at 4pm to 12am Thursday-Saturday. Why 4pm on a Saturday, why not noon, well I will ask those questions on my next visit. I do have to say that every new visit to a brewery, I find that each have their own tastes and merits. I will post my write ups on each of them below.

Pioneer pale ale W/ glacier Deeply flavorful ale. Another big aromas and flavors brew..

Calanthe Mooie an amazing stout big on rich deep dark malt aromas and flavors. Very frigging good.

Batch #5 Big on blonde aromas and flavors very good.

Shire Summer Saison Big Saison flavors and aromas. Very good.


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