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Stoneman is Back

we are “All In” for this batch so please help support us so we can continue doing what we love to do… Creating something you can pour into an empty glass…

Stoneman Brewery’s Official Newsletter…


It’s been a little while since I have put together a newsletter on this email chain… I apologies for keeping people in the dark about the changes I have been making and I welcome any new people reading about Stoneman for the first time. 


To briefly recap I started one of the first Beer CSA’s in the country on my tiny one barrel farm brewery in the hill town of Colrain sourcing almost all the ingredients from near by farms brewing 100 batches a year for several years…  I have only sold beer to a handful of stores and restaurants since I was one of the smallest breweries in the North East and sold most of my beer directly to CSA members… Needles to say running a business by yourself, brewing, bottling, marketing, delivering and raising little Maggie (almost 3) was a lot for one person to handle… I slowed down the business a year and a half ago to come up with a better more sustainable plan, and recuperate from working myself into the ground…  The Beer CSA has taken a pause so I could figure out a plan to move forward…. and that day has come…


Today I am proud to release the first batch of “ALL IN WITH WESTERN MA HOPS IPA” 7% abv… I have started Contract Brewing in Williamsburg MA and I have brewed and caned a 23 barrel batch…  It is hitting the shelves as I type with the help from Berkshire Brewing Company who is now my distributor… Starting a one barrel brewery by my self has taught me a lot and I have learned a lot of lessons… I never intended to get bigger or go with a distributor but I also want to be able to continue at a more sustainable pace… My goal is to be able to generate enough excitement about these Contract releases and then I will be able to focus on small test batches / collaboration projects / start up a New Beer CSA Model that I have been working on for over a year… In order for my tiny brewery to work I have to generate enough capital working with other people and not doing everything my self… So brewing on a larger system and having my friends brewery distribute for me makes a lot of sense.


The Vision of Stoneman is still very clear in this larger batch… 100% of the hops came from Four Star Farms (Northfield) and 30% of the Grain came from Valley Malt (Hadley MA and 100 miles away in NY)… I also used flaked wheat from Maine Grain co-op…  It is a NORTHEAST Style IPA… all the hops were added after the boil so it a very aromatic ale with not a lot of bitterness and a smooth cloudy mouth feel from the malted and flaked wheat.  It is best fresh so please share this email / tell your friends to help support Stoneman…


I have taken a much needed break from social media / promoting / marketing but now I am back… here is my schedule of tastings for the next two days..


Friday June 23 4-530 @ Hagers Market on Route 2 just on top of the hill from Greenfield MA… It is the first of there farmers market series that happens ever other week… Come out meet the brewer and taste/buy some of this new beer


Saturday June 24  12-2 @ Pine Hill Orchards on Colrain Shelburne Rd…

Saturday June 24 3-5 @ River Valley Market in Northampton…


Here is the complete list of stores that have ordered this beer as of today


Atkins Farm Amherst

Ryan and Casey Greenfield

The Beer Shop E Longmedow

River Valley Market NoHo

4 season Hadley

Pine HIll Orchards Colrain

Provisions NoHo

Hagers market Shelburne

Cold River Package Charlamont

State St NoHo

Coopers Corner Florence

McCuskers Buckland


Sorry if I missed someone on the list it’s off the top of my head and I just spent the day driving around Boston for the for the first time hitting up stores along route 2 …


If you want my beer and live in MA tell your local package store to order through Berkshire Brewing Co or get in touch with Stoneman and he make sure you can get some…. The more people that stop it to there favorite store and request this beer the more I can make and continue on the path of the Vision Of Stoneman… One of the best things about distributing with BBC is that they are everywhere in the state so together we can easily get you a 4 pack or a case… People can also email me for a case order and I can hook it up to a package store near you through BBC… It’s a pretty amazing opportunity…


I have much more News on the way but for now I have to get ready to drive around tomorrow and do the Hustle…  I am very proud of this new larger batch and I couldn’t be where I am today with All of Your Help… Thanks for buying my product, believing in me, supporting me and please help spread the word about how special this beer is… 111 pounds of Hops in 23 barrels of beer…. All Four Star Farms Cascade, Nugget and Rakkau …  The More Beer I can sell this weekend and next week the larger the next batch can be which gets us closer to the goal or our New CSA Model release which I will explain later…


Cheers Justin Korby a.k.a. Stoneman…

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