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A Delicious Doppelgänger Emerges from the Darkness. Is He Friend or Foe?
Circus Boy vs. Zirkus Boy

You Must #ChooseYourHefe,
But Choose Wisely

Hefe Split 6'er

When Circus Boy, our beloved American-style Hefeweizen, decided to ditch his carnie confines, he hitched it to Germany where he befriended fellow rabble-rouser Zirkus Boy. For the first time ever, we present to you a Split 6’er of these 2 distinctly different Hefeweizens.


Circus Boy

An unfiltered Hefeweizen whose prolific American hefe yeast swings among the bubbles, creating a mysterious haze. Just below the surface of his light malt body lies a mischievous addition of lemongrass and a subtle citrusy finish.

Circus Boy
Zirkus Boy

Zirkus Boy

At first glance, Zirkus Boy appears to be Circus Boy’s delicious doppelgänger: unfiltered, unfettered and unmatched in his liquid jest. However, upon further inspection, German Hefeweizen yeast esters of banana and clove are present as they swing over the slightest hint of lemongrass.


Now that you’ve been presented with these two Hefeweizens, you must now #ChooseYourHefe. Polls are open on our website, so cast your votes or forever hold your yeast. Be sure to Tweet and post your pics to Instagram and Twitter, too, using the hashtag #ChooseYourHefe.

Magic Hat Mardi Gras

2017 Magic Hat Mardi Gras a HUGE Success!

We’d like to thank those from the Burlington community and beyond for coming out to the 22nd annual Magic Hat Mardi Gras Weekend March 10th–12th. It was a cold one, but it all came together in the end, despite Saturday’s record low temperature (about -10 with the windchill!), Mardi Gras revelers appeared in droves and helped raise a bunch of money for our partner, the Vermont Foodbank.

Hit us up on Facebook to check out pictures from the weekend’s festivities, and be sure to block off some time in early March 2018 for the 23rd year of Magic Hat Mardi Gras!

Mardi Gras Parade
Magic Hat Artifactory

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Eye of the Beholder

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