Westfield spirit shop Beer Tasting

It’s been a long time since a regular post and we’re not going to make up for lost time here, I’ve just been enjoying looking and finding the brews that it’s taken up a lot of my time, but this one I had a write about. Westfield spirit shop held their annual beer tasting on this Sunday the 13th with countless Breweries showing up to pour their fare. With Baxter Brewing, Wachusett Brewing, Brewmaster Jack, Lefty’s, Opa Opa, and Scantic River Brewery and then what I call nonreps pouring Glass Bottom, Ballast Point, BBC and others. But the ones that caught our attention were Lefty’s Li’l Sticky IPA and Wachusett with their Larry Triple Double along with for the badassbeerwife Two Roads Conntucky Lightnin. I will write about Larry here, it’s a Belgian IPA with enormous aromas and flavors, and at 8.5% and 85 IBU this one is delicious, but the small draw back was it came in a mix 12 pack, but that was no problem with me. And as you will see from the pictures like usual beer drinkers will converse and have a great time with one another. Oh I almost forgot about the free hotdogs and hamburgers. Will catch up with more writing soon hopefully?



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