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Throwback Brewery – Raspberry Wheat, Rhubarb Wit, Spicy Bohemian Day & More!

Summer Farmers’ Markets

We are excited to be back at the Portsmouth Farmers’ Markets this Summer! And, we are delighted that we got accepted to all the Exeter and Greenland Markets as well! The Portsmouth and Exeter markets have kicked off already.
– Portsmouth markets are Saturdays 8am to 1pm.
– Exeter markets are Thursdays 2:15 to 6pm.
– Greenland markets start May 27th and are from 3 to 6pm.

We packed all this information into our events calendar, which you can find on the Throwback Brewery website 

New, Refreshing Seasonal Beers are Here!

We were beginning to think the Winter would never end. But, here we are, almost through May, and the weather is finally getting nicer! To coincide with the change in weather, we are thrilled to rollout two Seasonal beers. First up, our Rhubarb Wit – a traditional belgian style wit made with local oats, coriander, chamomile, and rhubarb. We’ve made this beer for the past few years, and it never lasts long, so please be sure to stop by and pick some up! This year the orange notes from the orange peel are more pronounced & very pleasant. The beer is a bit tart, nice and citrusy, and very refreshing!

Next up is a brand new beer that we are extremely excited about! It is called Berry Occidental, and it is an amazingly refreshing Raspberry Wheat beer made with black raspberries from Hobbs Farm (North Hampton, NH.) With an aroma and flavor of fresh picked raspberries, this delicious beer has a colorful backstory that you can read about here.

We love these beers, and hope you guys do, too! Cheers –Annette & Nicole

Spicy Bohemian Launch – June 8th

Last year we threw a small celebration on a Sunday to celebrate the release of Spicy Bohemian. We had such an amazing time, that we thought we would do it again! Please come join us on Sunday, June 8th starting at 11:30 am and running til 3pm. We will be–
– Selling bottles, filling growlers, and pouring tastes of Spicy Bohemian.
– Hosting the talented folks of
Vida Verda, who will have their food truck here & will be selling their tacos & other mouth watering goodies.
– Filling growlers & pouring 4-oz beers
– Having a tie-dye t-shirt fundraiser – buy a tie-dyed t-shirt or make your own. All proceeds will go to the amazing folks at
Seacoast Eat Local.

If you can join us and are on Facebook, please let us know on our event page.

Latest places to get your Throwback on

Over the past few months, we have expanded the number of places where you can enjoy a Throwback beer. We would like to thank you as well as our newest retail outlets for your continued support. You can now find our beer at the following additional accounts:

Leaven in Somersworth
Hobbs Tavern in Ossipee
The Joinery in Newmarket
On the Rox in Rochester
Calef’s in Barrington
Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe in Londonderry
The Farm at Eastman’s Corner in Kensington

If you have a favorite watering hole or beer shop in NH that you would like to carry our beer, please let us (and them 🙂 know!


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