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Magic Hat Brewing Co. - Fill Your Cups and Feed Your Thirst, for the Days Grow Ever Warmer
The Can is the Plan, Man - We gave #9 the can treatment a couple years back, but we thought it needed a just a little more oomph. More airflow? Come on. Finger grips? Nah. A few more ounces? Yes.
Nice Cans Here Tunes on Tap - Fire up the grill, ice down the beer and kick it hard with a side of tasty jams.
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Play Under Our Cap & Win This Summer - Since the beginning, we’ve been putting quips under our caps. Some are funny, some are wise, some are inspiring and some, well, not so much.
Keep an eye out for specially marked 6-packs and 12-packs of #9 and if the 9’s align with a winning cap, you may find yourself with: A Custom #9 guitar, #9 Speaker Tower, $200 Gift Cards for Concert Tickets, #9 T-shirts and more.
Watch The Video to Learn More
Artifactory Summer Sale - Coupon Code: CHEAPDUDS
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