Smuttynose Portsmouth Brewery Newsletter

Join Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery for Portsmouth Beer Week 2014, a celebration of our local beer culture. The action starts Saturday!  

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From the days of Frank Jones to beginning of the modern era in 1991, Portsmouth is Beer City, New Hampshire.  

Each year around this time of year, breweries, bottle shops, bar and restaurant owners, distributors and beer bloggers collaborate to present a plethora of events to celebrate the collective beeriness of our Seacoast city. 

2014’s Portsmouth Beer Week begins this Saturday, February 22 and runs through March 3. This email  The Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose’s events.  You can see the full schedule at 

The Portsmouth Brewery – A little bit of everything at 56 Market Street

As New Hampshire’s original brewpub, we’ve learned a lot tricks over the years and we’ve integrated a lot of them into our Beer Week schedule.  There are special casks, an Imperial Pint Club members-only beer dinner, a collaboration brew with a brewery you’ve never drank before and the release of 2014’s Royal Impy Stout on draft and in bottles. Just click over to our Brewers’ Notes blog for all the particulars. We look forward to raising a glass to the booming Seacoast beer scene with you!

Smuttynose – Out and about and ready to mingle!

If we were to describe all our events for Portsmouth Beer Week, we’d need a few more of these emails! Bill Harris has done a fantastic job of creating unique events with other breweries and some of the Seacoast’s top beer destinations. You may have been to some of these before, while others are completely new. From hair-cutting fund raisers and a preview tour of our new home at Towle Farm to a wine bar takeover and the annual Night of the IPA’s; we need you to come drink our beer! Jump over to our blog for all the delicious details. 

The Portsmouth Brewery   |    56 Market Street • Portsmouth NH 03801   |    603.431.1115
Smuttynose Brewing Co.   |    225 Heritage Ave • Portsmouth NH 03801   |    603.436.4026


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