Favorite Bartender

We all have our many frequent spots that we stop at a few time throughout the year, and then enjoy having a wait staff person that gets to know you and you them. Well these people could be waiters or waitresses or bartenders and that leads me to this story. There just happens to be such a person for us at Opa Opa steakhouse and that would be Steve a bartender there. He had been missing on our last few visits and we found that he had under gone heart surgery, and on our visit last week he was back on a limited basis till fully recovered. We had talked about his prior high pressure job in the past and hope that this fix puts his life back in good order. Welcome back to hopefully the better side Steve. And to all out there don’t take your favorites for granted and treat them the way they treat you!

Oh and P.S. they have a new brew pouring its Imperial IPA and it’s great, but I suggest you not drink any so there’s more for me!

This is Steve behind the bar talking with people.


This is the Imperial IPA.


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