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Hi there! It’s been while, but we’re glad to be back.  Did you enjoy yourself while we were away?  

  Thanksgiving 2013 Issue
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Black Friday at Smuttynose!

The day after Thanksgiving is often a day for shopping, televised sports or the avoidance of shopping. Smuttynose is proud to offer you another option- beer!

Our original/current Heritage Avenue brewery is opening from 1pm-7pm on Friday, November 29 for beer sampling, meeting-and-greeting, tours, and retails sales. In addition to Bouncy House bottles and a wide selection of Smerchendise, we’ll have holiday discounts on Winter Ale, Barleywine and Scotch Ale cases and a limited amount of glassware giveaways for case purchases. This may be your last chance to see the original Smuttynose, so please stop in for a visit. No reservations are necessary.

If you’re in downtown, Portsmouth Brewery will be holding their own Black Friday sale in the retail shop, while our service team delivers food and drink to a lively, festive crowd.

Beer Socials are Back for 2014!

Chef Jon and Head Brewer Tyler have created a slate of beer socials for early 2014. Closer to the event, we’ll announce menus and reservation availability through our social media and email list. Don’t forget, Imperial Pint Club members get first crack at special event reservations and a discount.

New Beers

Coming up soon at Portsmouth Brewery:
Ginga Ninja, a hoppy red ale with ginger; Holidaze Porter, spiced with ginger, galangal and honey; Biere de Garde, malty Belgian farmhouse ale; PBrew Bock, perfect for cold weather lager-time; Sake-Rice Hybrid Ale, is justwhat it sounds like, but it needs a name (please post suggestions on our
Facebook or Twitter); and last, but not least, Winter Weizen, a hearty hefe.

From Smuttynose:
Bouncy House, a Short Batch release that’s hoppy but low in alcohol, is out now; Pure Biss (December 8 debut), an unconventional witbier brewed with star chef Jamie Bissonnette, features spruce tips, grapefruit zest and kaffir lime leaves; Barleywine is our current Big Beer release and should be in most markets now. Imperial Stout is on deck for January.

Packaging Refresh
2014 holds a lot of new things for Smuttynose, including a refresh of our packaging designs. Here’s the new Variety Pack!
Portsmouth Brewery is now on Instagram! Follow us for great food pictures, groaningly bad videos and other images from 56 Market Street.
In This Issue

-Black Friday Shenanigans!
-Upcoming Beers!
-Beer Socials!
-New Brewery Updates!

Upcoming Events

Pure Biss Debut
Sunday, December 8
-Join the Smuttynose crew, and Chef Jamie Bissonnette from 3-6 at
Sonny’s Tavern in Dover, NH for mirth and mayhem, a 4pm cooking demo with Jamie and the first taste of this chef-spiced, unconventional witbier.

Smuttynose Goes to Asheville
Wednesday, December 4
-Join us at the epic
Thirsty Monk for an evening of  Smuttynose beer (Finestkind IPA, Scotch Ale, Winter Ale & Straw-Barb Short Weiss) and glassware giveaways. 

The Smuttynose Events Calendar is the best resource for tastings, beer dinners and festivals near you.

Retail News

Both E-Stores have been completely renovated for easier transactions, better browsing and more frequent updates. We’ve also added a range of new wearables, glassware and non-glass, non-wearable items for your gift giving pleasure. 

Smuttynose E-Store
Portsmouth Brewery E-Store

This revamp foreshadows our brand new websites which are in the midst of construction. We expect them in early 2014. 

Brewery Construction Update

The new Smuttynose project continues to move closer to functionality. Our new centrifuge is in place and the packaging line is laid out and being assembled as best we can. 

I say, “as best we can,” because our state-of-the-art brewhouse and bottle filler are on a boat, crossing the Atlantic, as you read this. Obviously we can’t brew without these key piees of equipment, but they’re not far off. 

The Smuttynose construction webcam  is indoors and pointed right where the brewhouse will be, ready to capture the installation in all its glory.  We expect the action to begin in early December, so that would be a great time to see for yourself.

Six03 Endurance is a Seacoast NH-based endurance sports club that also loves beer. We’ve signed on to support them in everything from 5k’s and triathlons to pub runs. Check out their website for more information.

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Smuttynose Brewing Co  |    225 Heritage Ave    |    Portsmouth, NH 03801  

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