The Hope for new Blog posts.

Alright back to writing and the reason for that right after this, I had woke up and not feeling very well I called in sick to work and went back to sleep for several hours and it seemed to have had passed. Sometime after that the badassbeerwife had mentioned a walk around the mall and lunch or Opa Opa steakhouse, well the pick was easy and don’t email me that there are some good brews at a mall! well we found one of our favorite bartenders at night there now being full time and also going through some small heart problems “Hopefully due to his former job” like I did and he’s a blog follower, and asked why there was nothing new on the blog, I told him we were busy closing camp for the season and vacation in Florida for a week the end of last month, so he’s the reason why. We would find that Monday’s specials other than their eight or so $5 till 5pm menu items was a burger fries and beer for $5 that’s the regular price of just the fine brews that they produce there! We also found that a new Apple Lager was pouring near the end of our stay. Thanks go to Steve for the jump start and hope he makes out ok on he’s upcoming tests, and if I got the Apple lager wrong please let me know. I will be writing about Props brewing in Fort Walton beach Florida and a new local brewery Broad Brook brewing real soon.


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