Midweek out 9/4/13

This week with good stuff pouring at Smith’s Billiards I would check it out and find that Thai would be couching a couple of gentle men on their foot ball picks with their laptops in hand. Emmy would split her cup cake with me soon after the wait staff ate their evening meal which was excellent and I thanked her big time. Sierra Nevada beer camps two of them where pouring and I had not had the #94 yet but that would be my second pick and the first was Green Flash Surf’s up IPA. I also learned that tomorrow night they would be doing a three tap that over of Stone Brewing at 6pm and vowed to be back for that.

Green Flash

Surf’s up Symposium IPA pours hazy golden with good head and sliding lacing. Nose is citrus and floral aromas that are most strong. Taste is up front mouth biting and an overall back bitterness that’s Badassbeer! Gets smoother when warm. Served in stem glass 14oz 7% at Smith’s Billiards 9/4/13.

Sierra Nevada

Sleight of hand “Belgian-style Black IPA beer camp #94” pours black with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of sweet fruit and malt aroma along with a yeast presents. Taste is big on dark rich malt/porter flavors along with a hop bitterness and fruit back side. very good served in stem glass at 14oz 8.5% at Smith’s Billiards on 9/4/13.


This is Emmy!


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