Midweek night out 8/27/13

My posts have been far and in between since my heart problem in April but this week would give me cause to write about this night out, that would be Tuesday and include the Badassbeerwife at Opa Opa steakhouse in Southampton Ma. The crowd was lively with forty people from Ameriprise doing a yearly beer dinner there and Steve our bartender would ask aren’t you that Badassbeer guy that I follow on the internet and get emails from on new posts? Well yes was my response and this would surprise me because this would be the first time I met a follower in person. A short time later Steve would bring Efthimios “Thamus” over to meet us but this would not be the first time just that he’s like the other brother Antonio “Tony” that have Brewmaster’s Tavern and Kaptain Jimmy ‘s to run, they are busy helping their workers make sure that the patron is well served helping out where they can. Steve had mentioned that he married into the family and showed me his flag hanging on the ceiling and if did I seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I will have to ask him about the details on this in the future! I do have to say that all three of their establishments are great to visit with local food fare and good wait staff that beats the big chain places. My brews I would enjoyed tonight where their now seasonal Oktoberfest and another favorite “Buckwheat” IPA that’s the name I go buy and both were most excellent and we left with two growler fills at 5 bucks per half gallon can’t beat that!

Oktoberfest pours brown/amber with good head and real light lacing. Nose of German malts with a subtle note of bready yeast. Taste of rich malt almost on the sweet side with a spice aspect to it.

Buckwheat IPA pours light amber in color with nice head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of light malts and some citrus/pine notes in there. Taste of wheat malt that’s present at first, then hops kick in, with an even after bite. Nice hoppy bitter bite when cold. Then gets smoother when it warms. Very enjoyable! Better than most average IPA’s