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Gather Here and Hold a Séance | A Trip to New Orleans Halloween weekend | On Tour with hI.P.A.
Magic Hat Brewing Co. -  Autumnal Gatherings Begin and New Spirits are Soon Revealed
A New Fall Brew Has Been Summoned
Collected energies and certain assembled elements of seasons, dreams and that which is not at all what it seems have led us to an all-new fall seasonal: Séance. Tunes on Tap
On Tour with hI.P.A. Hold a Séance as you brew up some good times with our latest playlist of meaty jams.
Our bitter bender of a fall I.P.A. is back for another season of strong, song-inducing bitterness.
Take Your JuJu to the Bayou - We’re giving away a ghoulishly great trip to New Orleans Halloween weekend, October 31st to November 4th.
Boundless Creations From Wall to Canvas - The 4th annual Wall to Canvas live urban art competition hits our brewery on Saturday, August 24th.
Artifactory Special - A deal too good not to hit: Take 15% off hI.P.A. t-shirts for guys and gals.
Open a Window to the Other Side and See What’s Waiting
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