Two Beer Weekends past

Two weekends ago we drove the daughter and grandson to Portland Maine so she could take him on the mail boat run that runs out to a few islands. I got to visit the shipyard brewery and take the tour and this time would enjoy 9 2oz samples and now they show you the bottling line! This would be a first because I have taken the tour 3 different times now and you got a video tour only then maybe 4 sample tastes. Also different this time the tasting room is not private any more they took down the wall that added space to their retail store. We all would meet at Three Dollar Dewey’s is Portland’s Original Ale House and is worth the visit with thirty six taps. It is said that it was a bordello and got its name for $1-Lookie, $2-Feelie, and $3-Dewey now those were the days!

Last weekend we would travel to the stone camp in Penfield Pennsylvania to visit with the wife’s brother who owns a share in it along with relatives. On our way home we stopped in Wilkes Barre PA to have late lunch and a brew at Elmer’s Sudds but they are closed on Sundays so we looked around and saw this little bar called Stan’s Café to wet our pallet and asked about places to stop for good brews to take home, the bartender had told us about Georgetown Deli. We finished and thanked them and set off to find the place and we did, as it was on our way back to the high way. It was named Krugel’s Georgetown Deli & Beer and touted Best subs & sandwiches in town. We would enjoy a sub and found out they had 6 taps for filling growlers or have while there, so I had a SBC IPA. It’s like a store and deli and bar all in one and a great place glad we stopped. We had our sandwich and left with some take out brews for later at home.

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