Wednesday night out

My Wednesday out would take me back to Smith’s billiards to see if Thai would be right on what would still be pouring that I would of liked to have had last week. Thai was wrong on only one the Lagunitas Boston Fusion but as I was wanting to do the Goose Island Night Stalker even though it is owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev it kicked after a 3-4 oz pour so all I got was a short taste. Now I would pick Old Rasputin see I had a stout taste in my mouth. My second pick for the night was Sixpoint Old Redhooker is it would kick after an 8oz pour not the 10oz so that would be free and enough for a good tasting. As of now the brews I had were pretty high test and I would still go on for a third one just to say I had two brews that where full pours. And last one was Boulevard Tank 7 and the lowest of the octane but real tasty as were all the brews I enjoyed.

North Coast

Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout pours black with two plus finger head from the nitrogen and loads of sticky and sliding lacing. Nose of rich pale/dark malt with a fruit note in there. Taste is on the sweet and robust side of chocolate/espresso/rich dark malt very good. Served in 10oz tulip glass 9% at Smith’s billiards on 7/24/13.


Old Redhooker pours a deep dark Rudy red with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose is on the sweet side of barley malt with an alcohol aroma to it. Taste is big with sweet barley and alcohol flavors. Served in 10oz tulip glass 9.6% at Smith’s billiards on 7/24/13.


Tank 7 pours a hazy golden with one finger head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose of a Belgian aroma with a sweet ale scent? Taste is big and flavorful on the Belgian side in a big way with grapefruit and fruity notes that are big. Very good served in 14oz tulip glass 8.5% at Smith’s billiards on 7/24/13.

20130724_19055220130724_19151120130724_20055720130724_203851Smiths 7-24-13

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