Wednesday night out is back

My Wednesday out would take me to Smith Billiards because they were pouring a few brews I had to have and the badassbeerwife told me to go out and I’m not wondering what she was up to! I had not been there since the Worthy street fest and their list of taps were calling out to me. it was hard to pick out two that I would enjoy until talking to Thai and he told me what would most likely be there next week! I chose the stone ruin ten and their $3 dollar special Greenflash Le Freak which both went down great and almost complemented each other, but I had the Badassbeer first this time.


Ruin Ten “tenth anniversary ruination” pours red/amber with short head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is sweet of pine and floral aromas. Taste big with hop mouth blast and recking bitterness. it’s a badassbeers for sure at 10.8% served in tulip glass at Smith’s billiards on 7/17/13.

Green Flash

Le Freak pours amber with short head and some sticky lacing along with sliding. Nose is big time Belgian with pine and earthy aromas to it. Taste is semisweet off malts and a nice hop mouth bitterness along with an after pungent back bite. Very good at 9.2% served in 10oz tulip glass at Smith’s billiards on 7/17/13.





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