Worthy Craft Beer Showcase

For the Worthy they closed down the street for a block and set up two big tent canopies to serve beer from, for the 1-4pm event. Then they needed to break it all down for 5pm when traffic needed to resume. They had a smaller canopy for the four bands they had scheduled for this event on the street portion and the rest happened indoors. Last year the badassbeerwife and I had tickets number 1 & 2, this year it was just myself with ticket number 539, so it goes to show you just how many people where there if not a few more than that. It was a warm 88 degree day and after a couple of brew samples from the unlimited 4 oz sample glass I had settled in on a seat at a table in the shade of an umbrella and met up with a couple that I had a great time with. We enjoyed exchanging brew experience we had along with excuse the language "fucked" with some people just to have some good old fashioned fun "if you know what I mean". It was just a great time and I’m sorry it had to come to an end but hopefully with their email and some luck I will meet up with them again and have more fun and some good brews. Every one that attended just like last year seemed to have a great time with no altercation, even thought there were uniformed police there I could not remember any from last year? There were a few dropped and broken glasses and everybody would cheer or boo or something. George Lenker our local Beer Nut and column writer had said he was going to be here but I did not see him. I had a great time and thanks to Smith’s Billiards and Theodores’ and let’s hope there will be one next year with great Beer and weather again.

Worthy 1 ticketWorthy 1Worthy 11Worthy 12Worthy 13Worthy 14Worthy 15

The Great couple I spent time With!Worthy Beer palsWorthy Me

Clean up Time!Worthy Cleanup 1Worthy Cleanup 2Worthy Cleanup Crew EmmyWorthy program 1Worthy program 2

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