Wandering Star Craft Brewery Second Birthday Party

The party was held on Saturday June 15 were there was a constant crowd of 40 to 75 people at most times during their 3 hour bash and brewer and owner Chris Post even extended it for another half hour. For $5 you got a bracelet that got you a pint of their fine brews along with a hotdog hamburger or sweet sausage on a bun and a pc of birthday cake. The badassbeerwife and I talked to quite a few people and a couple of them a good long time about their beer travels and ours. There were two bands that performed at the party and they were Flashback 60-70s band and the Desorderlies a grunge band I do believe. The Flashbacks singer Lenny I had met at Wandering Stars last party, he is the man that owns the 1972 Ford Ranchero you will see in the photos, and I’m restoring my own 1977. We have arranged to meet up when that happens! A good time was had by all from the looks on people’s faces and the cheering and hand shaking, and I like the rest look forward to the next one.

The band Flashback at Wandering Star video Here –>

The Badassbeerwife showing off in front of 72 Ranchero.


These two pics have Chris Post the brewer talking with people and thanking everyone for coming and for the help.20130615_19173020130615_192105

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