First part Saturday

Big Elm Brewing, this would be our second time visiting here. And the story here is I had one of their brews and something was familiar? and it turned out to be the brewer-owner from Pittsfield Brew Works that we enjoyed up till a couple of years ago when they closed. Their problem was they were into making good beer not the restaurant business. They are located now at 65 Silver Street in Sheffield MA just south of Great Barrington. Their brew business seems to be doing well with distribution of 22oz bottles and six packs on canned brews, along with my favorite tours tastings and growler fills at their open house on Saturday’s noon to 4pm. Give them a visit and you will be happy you did, and jerry dog barks but does not bite you will see what I mean!

big elm 011 Stitch20130608_12522820130608_125242IMAG3013IMAG3014IMAG3015IMAG30164 Stitch

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