Friday night hockey & City Steam Brewery Cafe

With rain and not wanting to go to camper with wet weather we postponed it one day and visited Smith’s Billiards to watch the hockey playoff game with the Bruins and Pirates. And Our Boston Bruins have the lead with 3 games won and they took the fourth one out of seven for the overall Win! The crowed was very happy with that outcome, and others like me were also happy about City Steam Brewery Cafe from Hartford, CT being there with 4 of their Brews and one was on cask “yum”. I talked to their representative named Seth and had a couple of their brews while cheering on the Bruins and having fun with other patrons there. As a reminder to those of us that live close to Springfield MA that on June 22 the Worthy Street Brew Fest will be held 12 noon to 4pm for more details and brews that will be there click on this link.

City Steam Brewery

Brewmaster’s Reserve Double IPA on Cask pours dark hazy Amber with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose of pine and hay and grass. Taste is IPA with a bitter mouth bite smooth in away because of it being on cask. Served in tulip glass 10oz 11% on 6/7/13 at Smith’s Billiards.

Innocence pours golden with two finger head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose is full of malt aroma along with a big floral smell. Taste is just right on the bitter mouth along with after taste also. Very frigging good at 7.2% served in pint glass at Smith’s Billiards on 6/7/13.


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