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Saint Arnold Army Newsletter

Dear Saint Arnold’s Army:

For those of you for whom enjoying Amber Ale, Fancy Lawnmower Beer, Santo, Elissa IPA, Weedwacker, Endeavour and Brown Ale year round just isn’t enough, here is some new beer news for you!

Icon Blue – Cascadian Dark Ale Coming Out Today

The second release in our Icon series is coming out today. Icon Blue should be on the shelves for the next three months (or until it runs out). It is a Cascadian Dark Ale, aka Black IPA. It has a big hop nose and flavor with a great roast finish yet with a light body that allows the hops to come through.

This recipe was inspired by Pete Garza’s winning entry at the 2012 Big Batch Brew Bash homebrew competition. Look for Icon Blue in four packs and on tap!

Read more on Icon Blue.


Current Seasonal:


Divine Reserve No. 13 will be

Released Starting Monday, March 18

Celebrate the day after St. Patrick’s Day with DR13. It is a delicious Belgian Quadrupel that our brewer Stephen developed. Follow this link for a full description of the beer.

As always, while the release date is Monday, March 18, not every store will receive their allotment that day. As for the kegs, not everybody will put it on tap as soon as they receive it.

This beer is drinking great now, and at 11% ABV, it will age well too. If you plan on aging, we always recommend that you age it cold. The back of the refrigerator (or in your beer fridge) is the best place, assuming you can trust nobody to touch it there.

Sugar Land Pub Crawl on Saturday, March 23

Hold the date! A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
More info to come. For now, prepare yourself with these

Saint Arnold Pub Crawl Tips from Houston Press.

We appreciate your support! Hope to see you at the brewery for a tour (and coming soon – lunch!). And remember to recycle your six packs and four packs.


The Brew Crew
Aaron, Andrew, Bennette, Beth, Brett, Brock, Casey, Chris, Crispy, Claire, Daniel, David, Deb, Dennis, Donny, Felix, Frank, Frank, Gonzo, Jeremy, Joe, Josh (all three), Justin, Kathy, Kelsey, Kendra, Kevin, Kim, Lauren, Lennie, Mark, Mary, Michael, Michael, Nicole, Nicole, Phil, Ricardo, Robbie, Ryan, Sam, Seth, Stephen, Tyler and Vince

Tour HallTours Weekdays at 3 PM and
Saturdays between 11 AM and 2 PM


Saint Arnold Brewing Company | 2000 Lyons | Houston | TX | 77020

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