Lost Beer time!

Someone had said what was up with my blog that there was nothing new, well I think it’s this winter that we are going through! It’s like that movie ground hog day it shows no sign of letting up and somebody’s got to do something about it or at least something to change my writing mood!

To get caught up! In mid December I enjoyed a sampling of ten Stone brewing Epic releases 9-years from 2006-2012 with 2 being of the year 2010 and one of them was oak aged making 10 samples in all. This was held at Plan B in Springfield Ma and it was awesome. Lefty’s Brewing had a tasting at our local Mr Phipps in Westfield, and their Breakfast Stout I think is better than Founders and it has Bacon in it! Well I left with a couple of bottles and offered to do some painting at their place in Greenfield but have not got a response as of yet.

In mid January on a trip to Smith billiards I would finally enjoy a Stone Lukcy Basartd at 8.5% and Sierra Nevada Narwhal Russian Stout at 10.2% both badassbeers and started to make winter worthwhile!

Near end of January with a visit to our summer hunts at Wandering Star Craft brewing checking out their new Haratio IPA were the brewer Chris and his wife Shannon, and it was her birthday so it was nice to see them after a long time. After visiting and filling some 6 growlers we moved on to the Olde Forge and missing their award winning wings I enjoyed a Shed IPA that was most excellent and finished with Ridgeway Reindeer droppings which I should have had first because it was pale in comparison to most brews but being English it was malty.

Late in February on a trip to see my sister and her husband in the southern tier of NY we stopped in at Horseheads brewing which is on the way for a sampling and growler fills. During our visit my brother in-law want to check out a somewhat close by Sunoco at 1 south main St in Wellsville NY were we found them filling growlers from 9 taps that they had. With one of my favorite breweries Sierra Nevada celebration ale pouring we had to get a fill from that one.

Finally a stop by Opa Opa Steakhouse and finding that they had brewed more of their Doppelbock which has a deep rich flavor and aroma and is just about perfect this time of year. We enjoyed lunch and a few brews along with growler refills “thank the Beer gods for Growlers”. And that pretty much bring me up to date on my blog but I know I’m missing something but beer life goes on.




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