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Hoosick Bev Brew News

February 2013

Hoosick Street Beverage

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2200 19th St

Troy, N.Y 12180


(518) 273-0877



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Welcome to the Hoosick Street Beverage Center Newsletter

With our consistent growing inventory of specialty craft beer, and changes throughout the store, our goal with this periodical is to keep our customers informed with everything new and exciting that is happening at the bev. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Hoosick Street Beverage


What’s New

Maine Beer Company

Cortland Beer Company

Spring Seasonals Ariving Daily…

February Specials

(While Supplies Last)

Fishermans Imperial Pumpkin Stout

$2.99 a bottle

Blue Moon Variety Pack

$19.99 24 pack

Shock Top Pumpkin and Lemon Shandy

$12.99 a Case

Genny Heritage Pack

$15.99 a Case


Growler Club

Join our growler club, and for every 10 growlers filled, get the 11th one for only $1.00

Give Away

Stop in for a by Coupon Companion Plugin" href="http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6MjY1Mjg6MTE4OmNoYW5jZSB0byB3aW46ZmFhN2JlMjI3YjM2MTE1Y2M0NDM3N2NiMTgzOWM4ZTk6ei0xMzIyLTEyODk2NTpjYW1wYWlnbi5yMjAuY29uc3RhbnRjb250YWN0LmNvbToxNjgyMDowNjQxMjdlMDgzMzdiMzljZTczOWQ1MWU1Zjc3ZGM3Mg">chance to win a Labatt Blue Roller Cooler!!!

Major Changes Made To The Store. Come See….

Check Facebook page for additional tastings/ bus trips And giveaways coming soon…

2200 19th St
Troy, New York

What’s On Tap

(While Supplies Last)

32oz Growlers now Available!!!

Keegan Ale’s Joe Mama Stout

Ballast Point Sculpin

Ithaca Flower Power

Troegs Dream Weaver Wheat


Left Hand Saw Tooth

Kona Koko Brown

On Deck…Rogue Mead,Left Hand Milk stout,Long Trail Brown Bag by Coupon Companion Plugin" href="http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/#" in_rurl="http://i.trkjmp.com/click?v=VVM6Mjg0NTk6MTg6aXBhOjNhYWVhNzNmMzlkNjljNDgzZWM3ZGJmYWUwMWQ4Zjk0OnotMTMyMi0xMjg5NjU6Y2FtcGFpZ24ucjIwLmNvbnN0YW50Y29udGFjdC5jb206MDow">IPA

We have many in stock, looking for suggestions. What do you want to see on tap?

Email us!



Hoosick Street Beverage | 2200 19th St | Troy | NY | 12180

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