Wednesday night Brews 12/12/12

It was local on our Wednesday night out with a visit to the Tavern Restaurant Westfield. They had all their decorations up in anticipation for the Yule time season. The place was all decked out and very beautiful for what was a real old big square stone and mortar post office. Judy was off that night but Steve and Jen took good care of us and other patrons even though it was getting late and the crowd was thinning. There were more brews listed that I knew I could have even though it was a short quarter mile to home. I started off with Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout then went onto Boulevard Double wide IPA and thought it was going to stop there, but John the owner of this fine establishment was in the sprit and bought us another round! Now the wife had tried some of my Double Wide and liked it even though she’s not an IPA person, and liked it the best also but would go with a Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye, seeing I had not had it in awhile and could not remember if I had had it on tap. The Boulevard Double Wide was the brew that stood out on this outing.

Anderson Valley

Oatmeal Stout pours black with good foamy head and lots of sticky lacing. Nose is on the light side of deep rich dark malt with maybe an oat note. Taste is like smell with a deep rich malt and smooth oat mouth. Very good 5.7 % on tap at Tavern restaurant Westfield on 12/12/12.


Double wide IPA pours cloudy dirty chocolate with good head and loads of sticky lacing. Nose is all fruity from a hops aroma with maybe a banana hint? Taste it’s smooth but full of hop flavors that linger around the mouth with a gorgeous bite and a wet oily tongue. A Badassbeer at 8.5% on tap at Tavern Restaurant Westfield 12/12/12.

Bear Republic

Hop Rod Rye pours a dark red/brown with good head that stays afloat and good lacing. Nose is more floral but there is some citrus in there along with a bready rye hint. Taste it hop biting on the gentile side with malt and rye flavors very good. 8.0% on tap at Tavern Restaurant Westfield 12/12/12.



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