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December, 2012
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News from Smuttynose
& the Portsmouth Brewery

Dear Badassbeer,

Being that this is the final newsletter for 2012, it would seem natural to do some kind of "year in review." This year had some truly landmark moments for both Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery, but I’ll do my best to keep it brief, since I’ve heard I can be a bit long-winded.


-Nothing that happened in 2012 was more significant than breaking ground on our new home at Towle Farm in Hampton. It took four year to get the financing worked out. I don’t really need to say more than that.

-Our physical plant increased by four new 200 barrel fermenters and one 200 barrel bright tank, a new keg washer, a box truck and took out off-site warehousing

-We added ten new co-workers across all departments.

-Our Short Batch Series got a big shot in the arm as we began releasing bottles of each release and we’ve sped up the frequency of releases. Zinneke Belgian stout and Vunderbar Pilsner both debuted, while Scotch Ale and Big A IPA both returned to the market after a hiatus. We also made our first international brew, ‘Murrikan Mild, at Wadworth Brewery in the UK.

-Smuttynose beers earned a few awards and recognitions this year, most notably a runner-up award for Finestkind IPA at the Great British Beer Festival.

-Brewery tour visitors collectively donated nearly $6,000 to our staff-selected non-profits during our three weekly tours. It’s a real treat to see how excited some people become when they see a charity that means something to them personally.

Portsmouth Brewery

-The return of Tyler Jones tops the list of headlines from the 21st year of Portsmouth Brewery-ness. While some folks broadcast a cautious optimism (or in some cases outright negativity), Tyler has stepped into the big boots with great skill and enthusiasm. He’s introduced a lot of new beers already (the Project X IPA series, Portsmouth Pale Ale and Stephan Urquell pilsner) and has even more in the works, including something big for late winter. He’s also got three collaborations planned for the first two months of the year.

-The espresso machine has left the building.

-Craft cocktails made their debut at the bar this year and many of them feature at least one ingredient that’s been made in house, including bacon-infused bourbon!

-The physical space of Portsmouth Brewery has changed too. The bathroom renovation project is complete and Chef Todd has revamped our prep kitchen for greater efficiency and more homemade goodness. We’ve got a new boiler that’s much more energy efficient for heating and cooling needs and a new malt mill in our brewhouse fits perfectly and hums like a didgeridoo. We love figuring out ways to make more happen from the same amount of resources!

-Last but not least, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to help others this year. This year’s Kate the Great release raised $30,000 for four local non-profits, while our Community Pint Day continues to make an impact for a rotating cast of organizations, many of which are suggested by the community at large. 2012’s Community Pint Day total should end up right around $4500.

So, in addition to wishing you all Happy Holidays, we want to thank you all (for the second month in a row) for giving us the ability to do, as well as being the reason for, everything I’ve just inventoried.

Have fun, stay warm and be safe,

JT Thompson
Minister of Propaganda

Now, for some housekeeping. We don’t want to clutter up anyone’s inboxes, so we cull our mailing list from time to time. If you don’t wish to receive this newsletter, please click on the unsubscribe link at the top of this page. (Not clicking "confirm" doesn’t automatically unsubscribe you.)

Portsmouth Brewery News

Notes from the Mash Tun

Before we tell you about all the great new beers in the works for winter, we’d like to bid a fond adieu to former Assistant Brewer Matt Tarpey, who has left our brewpub for a job at The Alchemist in Vermont. Tyler’s new assistant, Tyler Smith is bottling beer and getting acclimated in the cellar. Multiple inquiries questioning the wisdom behind transitioning from a Tyler-Matt-Matt team to a Tyler-Matt-Tyler team were not returned by press time. Either way, we’re sure everything will work out just fine. Here are a few things the bearded ones have in the works:

-Winter beers are in full swing and we’ve just tapped another new creation, Rocky Road Stout! Tipping the scales at just 5.5% abv, this dark beauty was brewed with 30 pounds of Fluff (see above), 14 pounds of cacao nibs and then aged on Amaretto-soaked oak chips, which means it covers all the components of Rocky Road ice cream, minus the dairy part. It’s on tap now and will also be bottled. If you’re skeptical, check out feedback on Untappd.

Other upcoming releases include Winter Rye, Winter Weizen, Holidaze Porter (featuring ginger, galangal, and honey), a British Mild, a double batch of the punter-pleasing Bottle Rocket IPA and two lagers, Munich Dunkel and Schwartzbier.

We’re designing a new bottle cooler that will reside in the former home of the espresso machine (R.I.P.). A stash of rare cases will be raided for its debut, including Founders Backwoods Bastard and two different vintages of North Coast’s barrel-aged Old Rasputin anniversary releases (14 and 15, for the tickers out there).

We’ve got two collaboration brews planned for January, but only one to announce right now. Tyler will be brewing a Buddah’s Hand Black Saison with Tim Adams from Oxbow Brewing of Newcastle, Maine. Keep an eye on Tyler’s blog for more information.

See you at the bar!

Holiday Schedule Updates

In observance of the Christmas holiday, we will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve and be closed for the entirety of Christmas Day. Boxing Day will see a return to our normal schedule, as well as our annual week of 11:30am-close LaPanza Lounge hours.

We will be operating as normal on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

Retail News

We typically don’t have many news or notes from the retail store, but, being that holiday shopping is underway, this is a great time to break the duck.

The new t-shirts

We’ve got new colors of both Smuttynose t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as a new Smuttynose imperial half pint glass, that’s great for beer as well as your other favorite beverages, from juice to bourbon. I’ve certainly gotten good use out of my prototype.

For the readers on your list, we have "Beer Smarts" page of the day calendars and an excellent selection of books, including a few signed first editions of new books by Norman Miller (right) and Joshua Bernstein.

Downtown merchants always do a great job of banding together to encourage local shopping and we’re glad to be on board. Following on the heels of a successful Ladies’ Night shopping promotion comes a Men’s Night on December 13. From 7pm-9pm, we ‘re offering 20% off all purchases, excepting beer and already discounted items. Best of all, we’re not the only business doing this, many stores around town have specials, so bundle up and take a cruise around. It’s a great way to shop local and save money.

If you live far away, don’t forget to order early from our e-store. Shipping gets very busy this time of year and there’s nothing worse than having a gift show up on December 27.

Expanded Parking Redemptions

Portsmouth has had a number of parking controversies over the last few months. All the discourse about tiered fee structures, new parking garages and boycotts has gotten fairly fierce. One concerned citizen even delivered a rap to the City Council!

The Portsmouth Brewery is proud to bring a touch of civility to the discourse by extending our Parking Violation promotion for the entire month of December. If you bring your ticket and payment to the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge, we’ll mail it to City Hall and buy you a beer! Parking Violation Night has always been a great Thursday night bargain, but now it’s even better now that the city raised their violation fees by five dollars, which is just about the price of a pint of our award-winning beer.

The LaPanza Lounge is open Monday through Thursday from 6pm-close, Friday from 5pm-close and Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am -close.

A Club Fit For Royalty Pint Club logo jpg

Thinking of joining our Imperial Pint Club? This is a great time to sign up! For the bargain price of $55, you’ll get all the benefits of the club for the remainder of 2012 and the entirety of 2013.

Benefits include:

-Extra Beer: will be served a full imperial pint (20-ounce) in an official club glass for the same price as a regular (16-ounce) pint. Premium beers will be served in 16oz pint glasses instead of 12oz goblets. Prices may vary.

-A 10% discount on all regularly priced brewery store merchandise. This discount does not apply to sale items, or to shipping charges on mail-order purchases.

-You will receive a 10% discount on special Brewery events such as tastings, field trips, pub crawls and beer dinners. (Certain events may not qualify for this discount.) This benefit includes the Pint Club member and one guest.

-Pint Clubbers also receive advance invitations to special Brewery events, including the Brewery’s annual Imperial Pint Club Holiday Open House.

Signing up is easy; just ask your server or bartender next time you’re in for a regular-sized, run-of-the-mill pint.

Small Plates Kitchen posse

Here are a few small briefs from around the Brewery:

Chef Todd Sweet has hired a new Junior Sous Chef, Alan Timperman. Alan returns to our team after being away for about ceven years. He previously worked at Mombo here in Portsmouth and the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida.

-I wasn’t kidding about trying some of our cocktails. They’re pretty darn tasty and made with care, love and local ingredients, like the New England bacon that infuses bourbon for our Bacon Old Fashioned.

-With a new year and a new quarter coming up, we’ll be changing over our Community Pint Day recipients. If you belong to a worthy organization or have a tie to one, please send in your information to Aaron Lawson at

-The first four Seacoast Science Cafés were great successes, so we’ll be sitting down to plan another run of events in the next week or two. We hope you’ll be able to join us for the next round of science in the pub.

And Don’t Forget Our

Weekly Specials Downstairs in the Jimmy LaPanza Lounge…

Sundays: Homemade, handmade pierogies filled with potato and cheese and tossed with onions and butter- two for $1!

Mondays: Beer braised spare ribs, tossed in BBQ sauce or mustard glaze, and tempeh "ribs" – digits of cider-braised tempeh, lightly fried, then tossed in BBQ sauce or hot ale sauce. Only 50¢ apiece!

Tuesdays: Tacos filled with your choice of shredded chicken, ground beef or tempeh for a buck apiece.

Wednesdays: $1 meatball or portabella sliders

Thursdays: Parking Violation Night (bring in your paid parking ticket and we’ll mail the ticket for you AND give you a pint) plus $2 grilled hot dogs served with a variety of tasty house-made toppings.

Smuttynose News

New From Smuttynose

Zinneke, our newest Big Beer, is out in the trade now and it’s getting positive reviews (most folks are actually surprised by how much they like it, despite not tasting what they expected). We’ve been enjoying it at Smuttynose as well, but we’re also excited for our next two beer releases: a Short Batch and a Big Beer.

First up is the Short Batch, a brown IPA named Durty. Durty will be released at Smuttynose on Saturday, December 15 at 3pm (unless you join us for a tour that day; hint, hint). Durty is big, (8.4% abv, 55 IBU) and packed full of big hops. We’ve used Polaris, a new German high alpha variety for bittering, followed American hop icon, Nugget, for the flavor additions and finally, a boatload of Simcoe post-fermentation for dry-hopping. This will be our first Short Batch to appear in 22 ounce bottles, each of which are bottle-conditioned. Bottles will retail for $9 and there will be a very small amount of off-premise distribution in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They will ship from Smuttynose on December 17 and be available at a very minute number of beer stores. If you’d like to know when these accounts will have the bottles, we suggest you contact them directly. Given the tiny allocation of these bottles (each account will get no more than one case), we simply aren’t able to spread them around to all the great beer shops in Massachusetts and New England.

New Hampshire: Top Shelf Brews (Hampton)
Hampton Falls Village Market (Hampton Falls)
Johnson’s Market (New Durham)
The Beer Store (Nashua)
Bert’s Better Beers (Hookset)
Barb’s Beer Emporium (Concord)
Ayotte’s (Hudson)
Discount Beverages (North Conway)

Massachusetts: Table and Vine (West Springfield)
Craft Beer Cellar (Belmont)
Liquor World (Somerville)
Kelly’s (Dalton)
Spirited (Pittsfield)
Domaney’s (Great Barrington)
Liquors 44 (Hadley)
Ryan and Casey (Greenfield)
Yankee Spirits (Sturbridge)
Julio’s (Northboro)
Bogie’s Beer and Wine (Beverly)
Redstone Liquor’s (Stoneham)
Blanchard’s (Jamaica Plain)
Ball Square Fine Wines (Somerville)

Gravitation, our Belgian Quad, is the next Big Beer Series release and it should begin shipping around January 14. This year’s edition is a bit lighter than past years’, weighing in at just 11.3% abv. Full of dark fruit and rum flavors, accentuated by a touch of brown sugar,

Gravitation Bottle

this beer is great for winter. Gravitation always tastes a little bit boozy when it’s fresh, which makes it a prime candidate for aging. Try it yourself and see why Ratebeer gives it 96 points!

Speaking of Big Beers and holidays, our Big Beer Series Subscription makes an excellent gift that will keep on giving all year long. You can buy either a full or half case subscription and both entitle the bearer to release socials at Smuttynose where they can pick up their personalized beer before our wholesalers get it. There are other perks too, but you can read about them once you click the link.

Last but not least, I’d be remiss in my duties if I didn’t remind you that Big A IPA and Winter Ale are on shelves and tasting delicious. Big A will be around for December and January before it is replaced in the rotation by Noonan, our black IPA which will be available on draft and, for the first time ever, in bottles.

Towle Farm News

After some recent technical difficulties, we’ve moved our webcam stream to a new url:

While this site is only hosting the cam stream right now, it’ll be a future home for Towle Farm information, independent of Smuttynose Brewing.

Beyond the cyber-home, we’ve got the structure of the warehouse and offices up and even a bit of roofing over what will be the main entrance. The main utility runs are all in place and Clark James, our builder’s representative, recently met with Applecrest Farms, a local apple orchard, about reviving our flock of apple trees.

Over the winter, we’ll be hoping for cooperative weather, sitting in many more meetings with architects and suppliers and maybe even a trip to Germany to look at brewhouses and bottling lines. We’ll keep you posted as information becomes available.

The Wine World is Catching On!

We recently learned that S’Muttonator Double Bock placed #17 on Wine Enthusiast Magazine’s prestigious list of "Top 25 Beers of 2012."

Wine Enthusiast has had an interest in craft beer for quite awhile, putting them well ahead of the current wave of interest in our segment of the beer world. So we sent a sincere "thank you," to Lauren Buzzeo and the entire team at Wine Enthusiast.

We’re all very proud to be recognized for the third year in row. Finestkind IPA placed #3 in 2011 and Scotch Ale placed #14 in 2010.

Event Listings

Our sales team is hard at work making plans for 2013, but they’ve all got pretty full event schedules. Most of what they have planned are in store tastings, but since you all already know about Smuttynose, we’re going to focus on non-tasting events.

December 18- Portland, ME; Pai Men Miyake welcomes Bill Harris and his traveling Smuttynose road show for a tap takeover. I can personally vouch that yakitori and Scotch Ale is a delicious and lethal combination.

December 23- Philadelphia, PA; Joanna Manzo, who has quite the voice herself, will be hosting Ugly Christmas Sweater Karaoke at the Varga Bar from 8:30pm-11pm. She promises a diverse array of Smuttynose kegs as well.

December 28- Exton, PA; Vunderbar Pils, Zinneke and Big A are the highlights of Smuttynose takeover at craft beer pioneer The Drafting Room.

For the full slate of our holiday in store tastings and other events, please visit our online calendar.

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Here are some of the non-profit organizations we are supporting by collecting donations at Smuttynose and Portsmouth Brewery:

Cocheco Valley Humane Society is an all-breed animal rescue and shelter organization in Dover, NH.

Relay For Life: Team Cancer Crusher was founded after Smuttynose packaging operator Chuck Trott’s father was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. His family has been touched by cancer several more times, so they spend one weekend each year walking laps to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

Unlimited Possibilities is an educational service foundation that promotes social justice through financial support and direct service.

The Sarah Fox Memorial Fund provides scholarships for young women who are interested in a career in firefighting. Sarah Fox was a Portsmouth firefighter who died of breast cancer in 2010.

Friends in Action‘s mission is to enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities by creating inclusive social and recreational opportunities. Friends in Action is a partnership between the Portsmouth School Department and a working group of parents and community members.

La Leche League of Maine and New Hampshire is an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.

These are just a few of the many non-profits we’re able to support because of you.

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